Half Naked Podcast ~ A Chat with Ellen Lewis

By ELLEN LEWISChristine Evangelista of 'Half Naked' chats with Ellen Lewis of Lingerie Briefs

What underwear are you wearing right now?

That’s the lead question that Christine Evangelista asks when she begins all of her interviews on her new podcast series Half Naked. I knew we were simpatico, despite our age difference, when she confirmed my conviction that beautiful lingerie is like perfume for the psyche.

Christine, who studied at FIT, is an actress and dancer who was grounded during the pandemic. Isolated from her 30 something social life, she found herself compelled to buy lingerie as a feel-good catharsis during a difficult time. Having discovered the luxury inherent in fine intimates earlier in her career, she sought an alternative way to express herself.

Mining her acting and fashion skills she created the Half Naked Podcast. Her learning curve was expedited because everyone she queried was at home and able to speak to her. With a mission to empower the discussion about often taboo subjects, relationships, and vulnerability, she is seeking perspectives from women who are passionate about femininity. Analytics prove that there is almost no listener drop-off. Found on Spotify and I-tunes, Half Naked, launched in January 2021, is already gaining momentum.

It was my pleasure to participate. Take a listen below as Christine and I chat about the intimate apparel industry and much more!

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  1. Asi Efros says:

    It was so nice to listen to your conversation with Christine. Such an interesting and insightful dialog!!! Thank you for bringing this depth and knowledge to the subject of lingerie.

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