A Curve Discovery ~ Casual Moments by Claudel

By ELLEN LEWISCasual Moments by Claudel robes and bedjackets as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Like I said in Monday’s Spring 22 Market review, live discovery was once again paramount at the Curve NY Lingerie show. Maybe it was the open-air venue. Maybe it was the people. Maybe it was the product. No matter. I found some interesting gems. One of them was Claudel, which to be perfectly honest, I would probably have missed in the more structured Javits Center set-up. Of course, it helped that my very good friend Pat Larkin, who reps the line in the USA, was sitting in the booth sipping a glass of wine. Approaching to say hello, I caught site of a fluffy pajama set, proclaiming (a bit tongue and cheek) that it looked a bit like P.J. Salvage. That’s when the owner, Francois LaPierre, of this 70-year-old family-owned Canadian lingerie company commented “at half the price”!

Casual Moments by Claudel robes and bedjackets as featured on Lingerie Briefs

However, it was Pat’s ‘Show and Tell’ of the Casual Moments Robes displayed alongside that got my attention. Claudel purchased this LA brand 2 years ago to add to their company stable, which by the way includes 38 Lilianne Lingerie stores in Canada. Fluffy, fleece bedjackets and robes sized from S – 3X seemed just what the doctor ordered for comfort and incredible value. Pat’s getting one and she is incredibly picky. Take it from me!

I would have included these styles in my general market recap, but I was focused on Spring 22 and these cozy pieces are available much sooner for Fall 21. After all, “Winter is Coming”

“There’ll Always be Serendipity Involved in Discovery” Jeff Bezos

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