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Chantelle Norah Spacer Bra as featured on Lingerie Briefs

August was a transition month for me. I attended live shows in NYC and LA. I went to showrooms. I put on clothes that haven’t seen the light of day for 18 months. That included bras, specifically underwire bras which, despite the advance in wire free options, make me feel more secure in public. Feeling secure and comfortable are the same thing to me. I do not think I am alone. Even though underwire bras might contradict the cultural zeitgeist that inspired the bralette and wire-free surge, there is absolutely a hybrid bra trend emerging: easy, malleable underwire styles that do not constrain but contain.

Chantelle Norah Spacer Bra as featured on Lingerie Briefs

My current ‘go to’ choice is the Chantelle Norah spacer bra. It’s most outstanding asset is the material, a super soft, super light and super malleable knitted fabric.  Available from 32-42, C-I cups the Norah Spacer is a deep full coverage bra with an open neckline. Constructed with the usual assets of a larger cup shape, side slings, lace details, adjustability, etc., what makes it so liberating is the supple, more rounded silhouette that lifts but doesn’t lasso the breast tissue. The best description I can give of this style is that when I wear it, I really can’t feel it, not even after several hours of wear.  That’s a hole in one for me.

“A Woman Is Never Sexier Than When She Is Comfortable In Her Clothes” Vera Wang



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