Natori’s Samarkand Collection Achieves Star Status


Natori Samarkand printed robe as featured on Lingerie Briefs

When it comes to elegance, captivating intellectual property, and beautiful lingerie, one would be hard pressed to deny the Natori brand. On the theatrical stage, the same can be said of Nicole Kidman who has risen to prominence without interruption since she made her Hollywood debut in 1990.   Why have I opted to mention both stars in the same breath? The initial reason is that Kidman is wearing the exquisite Natori Samarkand wrap robe in her role as Grace Fraser in the hit miniseries, The Undoing. And like so many of the posts I write, there is a personal connection. My nephew, Tucker Lewis, an aspiring actor, had a role in this movie as the nasty prisoner who beat up Hugh Grant, so of course, I have a familial affinity for the show. One thought led to another.

Nicole Kidman wearing Natori's Samarkand robe in The Undoing as featured on Lingerie Briefs

The eight Samarkand lounge styles achieved a leading role for Natori, rising to bestselling status. Thus, here they are again available for Fall/ Winter 21, albeit updated with a new patchwork print inspired by the silk roads that once connected Asia. I am sure that the collection’s success has nothing to do with my nephew, and little to do with Nicole Kidman’s wardrobe. It does, however, have everything to do with Natori’s design acumen. Constructed in the brand’s classic charmeuse, smooth, lustrous and wrinkle free, each piece is generously draped in a range of sizes from XS-3X. Samarkand is attainable luxury in which any woman can star.

Natori Samarkand printed pajamas as featured on Lingerie Briefs

“In the Luxury Business, You Have to Build on Heritage” Bernard Arnault

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