We Are All Blood Sisters ~ Period Panties Go Mainstream


Dear Kate's Hazel Briefs in Fuschia, Modibodi Active Briefs, Modibodi Classic Thong. as featured on Lingerie BriefsDear Kate’s Hazel Briefs in Fuschia, Modibodi Active Briefs, Modibodi Classic Thong.

In the world tribe of all women we are all blood sisters. From the time we are about 12 years old to about 50 years old women around the world bleed every month.  Menstruation and periods have come out of the shadows to generate products that are positive in so many ways.  From convenience and sustainability to starting a public dialog about periods its a great time to honor a woman’s monthly flow.

Thinx Period Underwear

Period positive underwear has grown exponentially from companies like Thinx, Knix, Dear Kate, Modibodi, Peridot,  Le Mystere and it doesn’t stop at the underwear level TOP Blankets makes waterproof blankets for the added protection when we sleep. Tampon ads like Hello Flo‘s First Moon Party have opened up the conversations and since its release has over 85 million views. The hysterical ad for Helloflo is aimed to promote period positivity for teens and their product is a teens period starter kit.  A fictional mom teases her pre-teen who lies about getting her first period. It’s a must see for everyone.

Modibodi period panties as featured on Lingerie BriefsModibodi period panties

Empowered about our periods and connected as blood sisters with everyone who has ever menstruated, Thinx subway coup sparked the popularity of period proof underwear. Modibodi the original period underwear company from Australia uses a trademarked Modifier Technology.  Their multilayer underwear has a top layer that wicks away moisture, fights bacteria and odor. The middle layer absorbs and traps fluid while the bottom layer is an extra waterproof layer.  These period underwear can hold a whopping 4 tampons worth!

Peridot Gemsli leak proof cotton underwear

Other brands like Peridot from Gemsli are leak proof underwear. Although they can be used for light days, Peridots are not meant to be a replacement for tampons and pads, they are best used in conjunction with them. The comfortable all cotton construction of the Peridot gives you a 2nd level of protection against overflow. Let’s face it there is not one woman on this earth who has never experienced a period overflow accident. So Peridots are a must have for every menstruating woman’s underwear drawer.

Le Mystere Period thong and Briefs as featured on Lingerie BriefsLe Mystere Period thong and Briefs

Le Mystere has a truly cross generational product for every stage of your life from a thong for those light but active days to the full briefs. Le Mystere’s thin, streamlined designed gusset protects without adding the uncomfortably bulky layers. The clean, bonded edges disappear under clothing for a no-show look.

Le Mystere period panties

Unlike the industry standard of using PUL (PolyUrethane Laminate), Dear Kates actually developed a high tech fabric called Underlux. Underlux, makes Dear Kate’s period resistant underwear 100% fabric with no plastic or latex layers like all the other brands and industry standard.  Dear Kate’s also uses a swimsuit like fabric that is highly stain resistant and this allows the underwear to have a variety of bright colors and details.  Their designs have pretty lace and fun trimmings.  I can understand why one of their adoring customers gushed “I can’t believe my period underwear are the prettiest ones I own.” That time of the month is definitely the time to treat yourself to a fabulous pair of Dear Kates!

Knixwear Period Panties as featured on Lingerie BriefsKnixwear period panties

Period proof underwear isn’t the only thing helping to increase period positivity.   Companies like TOP Blankets make a fantastic period blanket.  It’s a 100% waterproof and stain resistant blanket.  It boasts a soft fleece blanket on both sides and comes in a variety of colors and sizes and you can use it as an extra protection for nightime. Believe it or not, sometimes I like to sleep commando even when I have my period and have an option like the TOP Blanket and it is also machine washable and fine for the dryer.

TOP Period Blanket Waterproof blanket for sleeping as featured on Lingerie BriefsTOP waterproof blanket

All of these period products are game changers.  Women will continue to menstruate and these wonderful products are eco conscious we call all unite and help out our blood sisters be more period positive.

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