Accolades for Carissa ~ Skin’s Hero Style


Carissa organic pima cotton sleepshirt as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Last week, after my husband commented on the “worn out” t-shirts I was wearing to bed, I began grazing the internet for something that would meet my comfort standards. I landed on the Carissa sleepshirt from Skin Lingerie. I know I cover this brand often, but frankly; they deserve it. The relaxed attitude that defines Skin’s design ethos is right up my alley. Usually, when I cover them, I focus on an intriguing new design, always contemporary, and minimalistic. Just check out some of our past stories. Discovering the Carissa nightshirt, a simple one pocket solid knee length nightshirt is Skin’s best kept secret. It is their number one best-selling style, a very basic shape that ends up as an essential in many women’s wardrobe. I know why. It’s the fabric. 100% organic Pima cotton, it is manna for the body. I am wearing mine as I write. I interrupted my editorial schedule to sing its praises because Carissa has become my go to feel-good wearable. That is pure luxury. (Available in 8 colors, XS-XXL)

Carissa organic pima cotton sleepshirt as featured on Lingerie Briefs

 “Everything Should Be Made As Simple As Possible,
But Not Simpler.” Albert Einstein

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