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Beloved Intimacy Serum, Vaginal Lubricant as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Grace and Frankie. This Netflix sitcom was my guilty little pleasure for 7 seasons. It has become a mission statement for many women over 50. I regaled at the antics of these two octogenarians whose lives, when turned upside down, found personal empowerment in their unexpected bond. One of my favorite storylines was their entrepreneurial efforts to launch a line of vibrators specifically designed for women of a certain age. Never mind the hysterical sideshow of the two stars. The message was always clear. Life doesn’t stop as we age. It simply changes perspective. The biggest shift is the focus on health above all else. As Jane Fonda stated in a recent CBS interview: you can look and feel old at 60 or young at 85. It depends on how you take care of yourself.

When I met Sara Gold, founder, CEO and owner of Beloved™, I knew I had made the acquaintance of another member of this senescent tribe. Developed as a solution to a universal problem, Beloved™ is a intimacy serum created for women who experience dryness as they begin to age. The sophisticated packaging, beautifully designed to ensure discretion in a woman’s purse or on a nightstand is TSA approved.  The elegant airless bottle travels incognito through airport security.

Beloved Intimacy Serum, Vaginal Lubricant as featured on Lingerie Briefs

But it’s what’s inside that counts. Sara’s desire was to develop a nourishing lubricant with the highest quality natural ingredients. Beloved™ is FDA approved as a class II medical device.  Made from organic aloe, it is hypoallergenic, paraben-free, PH balanced and vegan. It contains absolutely nothing that can disrupt the vaginal environment. Made in the USA by an ISO, MDSAF, OTC, eGMP and UL lab, it feels natural, not slippery, or slick. What cinched it for me was when I tried it on my hands. It’s an incredible moisturizer! I am surprised that Grace and Frankie didn’t come up with this too. Maybe, fingers crossed, there will be another season. But it will be too late. Sara Gold has already done it.

“I Gained Another Pound Today. But I Think It’s a Pound of Knowledge,”  Frankie aka Lily Tomlin

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