Falke’s North Star ~ The We Care Cotton Sustainability Brand

By Ellen Lewis

Falke legwear We Care Cotton Touch Program as featured on Lingerie Briefs

The Falke brand continues to be a North Star in innovation, always striving for excellence in every initiative on which they embark.  I for one am addicted to the comfort and quality of their socks. Certainly, I have written about them before. Like underwear that exceeds fit and function expectations they do the deed without ever making their presence known. The fact that these styles also attend to social and ecological goals proves their value.  Following these principles, in 2021 Falke began a major sustainable enterprise, Falke-We Care Cotton,  relaunching the Cotton Touch, Sensitive and Active Breeze Collections. Their objective: 75% sustainability by 2024. The multifaceted functions of these basic programs, available in a variety of styles, in a range of over 100 colors, plants them firmly at the forefront of best-in-class legwear brands

Falke legwear We Care Cotton Touch Program as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Inspired by nature and the desire to preserve our environment, their motto: ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’ informs every phase of the company’s design, development, production, and delivery channels. They have reassessed yarn suppliers, converted packaging, reviewed safety compliances, researched fair wages, and secured full transparency of all organic and recycled materials used. Following their 125 years family dedication to “Quality for Quality Sake”, Falke’s appeal has grown exponentially servicing men, women, and children worldwide.

“Things Change Over Time but Excellence Never Goes Out of Fashion.”

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  1. Bruce Padget says:

    Do you understand how much water is used to grow cotton, the level of pollution, chemicals, dirty water etc. That is produced in the cleaning and manufacturing process from growing to producing the cotton yarn, then adding in the pollution in transport. Especially by sea, as the ocean going vessels used the most polluting fuel in the world. Some countries banned shipping using its bunker fuel within their territory’s water / ocean.
    Please have a independent look at the environmental cost to the world re cotton, before you follow the line about how good it is for the environment. in fact if we did not have plastic fibers the world could not produce cotton or wool to clothing needed in the world. I would be more impressed if they talked about repair, darning the socks. We did this many many years ago, darning socks, today we just through the sock out once a hole occurs. You had a special tool to Darn a sock. Why not fix it. That’s more environmental as the socks can continue to be used and not just destroyed because of a little hole. Go on and ask your environmentalist friends and even the directors of this company do they darn their socks when they have a hole in them. I bet 99% say no. So where is the commitment to the environment if they don’t do this simply thing. Because by repairing the item you dont need to buy a new one.

    • Ellen Lewis says:

      I appreciate your comment and in many respects, I agree with you. However, there is much more to the sustainability issue than just one point. This company has been focused on trying to make changes in the apparel business for awhile. And you must remember that this is a business. I will pass your comment on to them.

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