A Mexican Collaboration: Lingerie Briefs X Hurray Kimmay


Last January while I was having dinner in Paris with colleagues, the topic of my Mexican home came up in the conversation. Owners Moira Nelson of Bra La Mode and Kimmay Caldwell, of Hurray Kimmay were at the table. Moira was planning a trip to Los Cabos and Kimmay decided to join her. Kimmay and I have often discussed a lingerie collaboration, but never could quite decide how to make it happen. Since I would be in Cabo during their vacation, I suggested that we could do a photo shoot incorporating lingerie brands and elements of the Cabo lifestyle. The plan was to combine  my  mission to present ‘lingerie as the poetry in a woman’s wardrobe’ while creating content for Kimmay’s brand. My job was to organize the set up. I engaged my good friend Karen O’Shaughnessy, a well-known horse photographer. Since Karen had never shot fashion, we decided to keep the whole project very organic and go with the flow. Thankfully she offered her hacienda for a location. Kimmay’s role was to secure the brands, model, and style the photo shoot. It was a lot of work for everyone, so thanks to each of you. Me; I went riding while they sweated and shot these images of lingerie from Corin, Susa, Evelyn & Bobbie and Shapellx.

The Club Playa De Campestre and San Jose del Cabo

Club Playa De Campestre in San Jose del Cabo

Evelyn & Bobbie and Hotel Lobby

Evelyn & Bobbie and Hotel Lobby

Cabo San Lucas Sunset

Cabo San Lucas Sunset

Evelyn & Bobbie and a Tile hanging in Karen's Livingroom

Evelyn & Bobbie and  Karen’s Porch

A Long the Way to La Paz

On the Road on the Baha Peninsula

Corin Lingerie on Karen's Staircase

Corin Lingerie on Karen’s Steps

Corin Lingerie and Shopping at Artesanos

Corin Lingerie on Karen’s Steps and Shopping at Artesanos

A wall in Todas Santos

A wall in Todas Santos

Susa Lingerie & my Crown of Thorns

Susa Lingerie & my Crown of Thorns

My Desert Paradise

My Desert Paradise

A drink on the way to Cerritos Beach, Swimming in Karen's pool and Shapellx

A drink on the way to Cerritos Beach,  Shapellx in Karen’s Bathtub & Pool

Tequilla time

Tequilla time!

Model: Kimmay Caldwell
Website: HurrayKimmay.com

Photographer: Karen O’Shaughnessy
Website : Karen O’Shaughnessy Art





7 Discussion to this post

  1. Adrienne Coleon Gaskell says:

    Love this partnership. Bravo!

  2. MOIRA NELSON says:

    It was wonderful to have helped facilitate this shoot in some small way. Ellen, you have been a friend & mentor to me for so many years now. Having Kimmay join me in San Jose del Cabo was a delight. Karen’s home was a beautiful space & Karen was just delightful! I’d do this all over again in a heartbeat. I will certainly be back again (and again!)

  3. Thank you Ellen and Kimmay for including me in this fun shoot! I am happy to have been part of it.

  4. Beautiful pictures! Awesome bras! Fabulous Model!!

  5. Beautiful shots! Love Cabo! Love Paris! I lived, studied and worked in London, Milan, Paris, New York, Chicago, and Miami chasing my fashion dream!

    I am thinking of doing a loungewear line of silk kimonos, to add to my current stint of the “Sleep Goddess® Age-Defying Beauty pillow for side sleepers…to prevent sleep lines and wrinkles. Yeah, I went from “Paris to Pillows”.

  6. Asi Efros says:

    Wow!!!! Such an amazing photoshoot. Bravo Kimmay and Ellen. Reading this article is like vacationing in Cabo. Thank you!

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