Ghostly Greetings & Lingerie Sorcery


Candy corn, the NYC Village Halloween Parade, crazy carved pumpkins, haunted NYC brownstone scenes, spooky dogs and kids, these are some of my favorite Halloween things.

My go to Halloween costume for many years was a witch ensemble.  Halloween gave me the freedom to dress provocatively and to be exposed, something I have never been comfortable with in day to day to life.  Dressing in a bustier or corset as a witch was my way of “freeing” myself, and I loved it. In fact, back in the day, I was “famous” for it.

What is a witch? Or a succubus? Or a sorceress? So many visuals come to mind, but one is of pointy quilted boobs, a pointy hat, pointy shoes,tulle and a cinched waste. Lingerie is key when transforming into witch, and of course black, always black, there is no such thing a good witch, in my opinion. A striking corset and and a conical bra is all you need to set the foundation. So many brands make beautiful corsets, one being Karolina Laskowska, a British designer with a beautiful hand in provocative lingerie, a simple black lace up style is perfection.  Looking for a quilted sexy bra to top it off, check out Fleur Du Mal’s Topstitch Bebe Bra?

And then we have the friendly ghost.  Another Halloween favorite to dress up as, though a bit too tame for me.  A ghost can be slightly innocent and a little mysterious, as no one knows who you are…. which actually could be a plus. My new favorite joke is …” I think ghosts are just people who died trying to fold a fitted sheet”.  There are some exquisite white gowns out there by Eileen West and Celestine in varying degrees of opacity. They are perfect examples of the wispy, flowing, gossamer fabrics that you can throw over your head and answer the doorbell while holding a basket of candy! The kids will love it! After which you can pull it back down and snuggle into bed!

So, whatever your Halloween ritual, and whether you dress it up or dress it down, Happy Halloween, love, laugh and be kind to one another, the world is scary enough.



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