Debs Corporation Champions AirDye® Technology and Skincare Yarn Ovoveil®

By ASI EFROSDebs Corporation AirDye® Technology featured on Lingerie BriefsDebs Corporation’s roots date back to the time of World War 1, when Ezzat Debs and Abdul Hadi Debs, the owners of a textile company in the Middle East, reached the coast of Japan for the first time.Debs Corporation AirDye® Technology featured on Lingerie BriefsSince then and for more than a centennial, Debs Corporation has carried on as a beacon of innovation and has become home to numerous sustainable textiles and cutting-edge technologies.Debs Corporation AirDye® Technology featured on Lingerie Briefs
AirDye® — efficiency, quality, eco-responsibility, and creativity
A conversation about the latest achievements of Debs Corporation wouldn’t becomplete without mentioning its patented technology AirDye® as it solves the biggest pollution problem the fashion industry is still facing today, which originates from using outdated printing, dyeing, and textile finishing methods.

The revolutionary AirDye® technique is a leading-edge process encompassing all essential aspects of the modern manufacturing mindset, which are efficiency, quality, eco-responsibility, and creativity. It’s a dyeing and printing of textiles method that utilizes only 5% of water. These are just a few amazing characteristics of this technique.

Debs Corporation AirDye® Technology featured on Lingerie BriefsAirDye® – contrast colors on each side of the fabric

AirDye® allows for a 95% reduction in water usage compared to traditional printing, prevents releasing toxic chemicals into the environment, and helps to save approximately 170 liters of water per garment. Since AirDye® is a super efficient single process performed on state-of-the-art equipment, it provides 86% energy saving and 84% greenhouse gas reduction.

Textile designers and brands benefit from an unlimited number of colors and pattern repeat sizes as well as the possibility of having different colors or even prints applied to both sides of the fabric.

Debs Corporation AirDye® Technology featured on Lingerie BriefsAirDye® – Tiedye effect

The brands that choose this dyeing and printing method enjoy lower MOQs as they are able to print only what they need and replenish quickly. To top that, the super-fast production and sample-yardage development are the added benefits of this unique single-step process.

AirDye®’s patented pulse technology ensures that the dyes penetrate deep into the fibers promoting the vitality of colors while achieving superior colorfastness. Color consistency between different lots and for repeat production orders is another worry-free benefit of AirDye® made possible by the expertly calibrated state-of-the-art equipment.

Debs Corporation AirDye® Technology featured on Lingerie BriefsAirDye® – different colors on each side of the fabric

Debs’ arsenal of textiles designed and developed specifically for AirDye® production is impressive, not to mention the company’s regular textile collection and upcycled fabrics from their Refynd project that are suitable for that method.

If you are ready to have your creative concepts materialize, reach out to the Debs team, known for their ingenuity and integrity, or simply upload your design onto the company’s platform, share your color palette, or fabric sourcing request, and see your dream come to life in a blink of an eye.Debs Corporation Ovoveil® Yarn Technology featured on Lingerie BriefsOvoveil® — a yarn and technology powered by the egg membrane
The main focus of Debs Corporation in the last few years has been the development of “Wellness Fabrics”. One of many projects the company is working on currently is Ovoveil® — a yarn and technology developed by a bio-venture company, Pharma Foods, which utilizes an egg membrane as the raw material.Debs Corporation Ovoveil® Yarn Technology featured on Lingerie Briefs

 Hani Debs, the current President at Debs Corporation explained the phenomenal origin of Ovoveil®:

“The President of Pharma Foods is a researcher who has been studying eggs for over 20 years, his interest being how an egg can create new life even in challenging environments. Up until now, they have successfully launched several products using technology that is derived from the egg membrane. This is the first time, however, they have been able to develop a yarn and we are collaborating with them to produce textile products for the apparel market.”

 Debs Corporation Ovoveil® Yarn Technology featured on Lingerie Briefs

Ovoveil® is essentially a skin-care fabric with the main properties being skin hydration, UV protection, and pH control. What is amazing is that all these properties simply come from the natural function of the egg membrane with no additional chemicals or agents added. Moreover, the hand feel is sumptuous and is comparable to that of silk and cashmere.Debs Corporation Ovoveil® Yarn Technology featured on Lingerie BriefsTo test the skin-healing property of Ovoveil®, a study was conducted on female subjects where a control group was compared to the interventional group. It measured the effect of the arm cover that was worn for 9 hours a day for 4 weeks and was applied over a skin area subjected to a light irritant — a 3% SDS solution.

The test showed that the interventional group with the arm cover made with 30% Ovoveil® was more effective in maintaining the healthy barrier function of the human skin as well as its moisture retention.Debs Corporation Ovoveil® Yarn Technology featured on Lingerie BriefsIn addition to their healing and protective qualities, textiles that include Ovoveil® fiber are technically biodegradable as the yarn is a blend of 30% Ovoveil® with Rayon or Cotton. Debs is also currently in the development of the Organic Cotton version to add value to the developed fabrics.

Debs Corporation Ovoveil® Yarn Technology featured on Lingerie BriefsOvoveil® Knitted Material

The applications of this miracle fiber are endless and most viable where special attention to the skin is of utmost importance. Debs Corporation is currently focusing on knitted fabrics and working with babywear, childrenswear, maternity wear, and intimate apparel brands both in Japan and overseas.

Evidently, Debs Corporation is a company that doesn’t put “all eggs in one basket” but pursues all avenues that encourage the fashion industry to be kinder, healthier, and more sustainable.

In response to my question about what the future holds for this bustling enterprise, where great traditions go hand in hand with vanguard technologies, Hani Debs explained:

“We are focused on combining our strengths in innovation and sustainability and extending these skills into the development of Wellness fabrics. We believe that the future demands sustainable textiles that are beautiful on the outside and healing on the inside, and we are passionate about combining great aesthetics with functionality to promote well-being.”

Debs Corporation textiles featured on Lingerie Briefs

To learn more about Debs’ vast textile portfolio and cutting-edge technological processes, visit or

Debs Corporation
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