Bundles of Joy


It’s the end of 2023 and I want to crawl back into the womb and be warm, oblivious, unafraid of the future and just beginning, but this is my reality and while very grateful for all that I have, I need comfort.

Swaddling, bundling, wrapping, cuddling, these are all words that give me that comfort. They also remind us of embraces, babies, friends, family and dare I say retail therapy.

Bundling? The grouping of similar or different items for one price that speaks to quality and a familiarity with products we love. I am so into bundling now, whether it be underwear or cosmetics or socks.

Tina Wilson Fashion Illustration of Hanky Panky on Lingerie Briefs

I can think of no other brand that could have the array of color, the customer love and heritage to offer a bundle of 12 thongs, but it makes perfect sense.  No one has just one Hanky Panky Thong and any woman would be thrilled to get a bundle of these ultra comfy beauties.

Tina Wilson Fashion Illustration of CUUP on Lingerie Briefs

One does not often see bra bundles, but CUUP does a great job of curating 4 basic styles in their Essential Bra Pack. It’s kind of brilliant really, you get a Mesh Balconette, a Scoop Microfiber, a Demi-Spacer, and a Mesh Plunge.  The range of colors is extensive, and you get a discount on each style, count me in!

Tina Wilson Fashion Illustration of Natori on Lingerie Briefs

Anything under the tree that is NATORI is a good thing. Whether it be a caftan, some slippers, a sexy gown or a bundle of undies, the recipient will be pleased.

So treat a family member, a very close friend or yourself to Josie’s Bliss Full Brief 3 Pack, they are soft Pima cotton perfection.

Tina Wilson Fashion Illustration of Adore Me on Lingerie Briefs

No discussion on bundles would be complete without the mention of Adore Me, as they are pioneers in bundling.  Their DTC member subscription was one of the first, and while it is not about basics, it is colorful, fun, and a shot of that retail therapy if you need it!

If you have had enough shopping and you just want to chill and feel safe, close your eyes and listen. I am peacefully listening to Gregory Porter’s Christmas Album and in particular his duet with Samara Joy, “What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?” ….

What are you doing? I hope you will be with friends and family and celebrating the goodness in your lives and giving thanks for the relative comfort most of us have. Let’s collectively envision and manifest a New Year of Peace and political rest.

Take Care and Happy Holidays

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  1. Gale Epstein says:

    Your confection of images and thoughts make the holidays complete.
    Thank you Tina!! Be safe and sound and enjoy.

  2. Carol Lackey says:

    Love this. All of it.

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