AnaOno Launches Innovative Unilateral Sling Bra

By ELLEN LEWISI have so much respect for AnoOno Lingerie. Luckily for me, I personally don’t have to focus on breast health issues, which is the north star of this innovative brand. For me, it’s about the subject matter, the company’s mission and its fearless leader, Dana Donofree.

AnaOno is not just a mastectomy brand. They pride themselves on being chest health advocates.  Breast health is a multifaceted subject, one that Dana and AnaOno will be exploring in the near future on Lingerie Briefs. AnaOno’s line focuses on a wide range of surgical outcomes answering the needs of recovery, mastectomy, reconstruction, lumpectomy, implants, flap reconstruction, and ‘au natural’.The recent launch of the AnaOno Rachel Unilateral Molded Cup Sling Bra adds another product to the brand’s extensive range of contemporary post- surgery solution bras. As Dana said, “Why have a bra with two cups when you don’t have two breasts?” This style was created as a result of huge customer demand. Engineered with a side closure and intricate back construction, the soft molded fabric provides a comfortable lift. Currently sized 30-40, C-D, the request for larger cup sizes proves that this sleeper style is on the radar. Feedback on this unique design has been extraordinary.

★★★★★ My new everyday bra! “I cried when I opened my package from AnaOno, and I cried again when I put the Rachel bra on. For the first time since my unilateral mastectomy, there is a bra that makes me look how I feel: strong, sexy, and perfect exactly how I am. The Rachel’s custom adjustable sling is genius – it transfers support across my back and alleviated my neck pain immediately. The side clasp, silky wide band and one cup design keep my scar free from irritation and allowed me full range of motion. Did I mention it’s hot? Thank you for seeing me the way I see myself, AnaOno, and thank you for my new everyday bra!”… AnnJ


★★★★★ The Unicorn for Uniboobs!
“This bra is EVERYTHING I HAVE DREAMED OF since becoming a uni! It supports — even lifts! — my remaining C/D breast, plus is incredibly soft and smooth. The wide band feels solid and NOTHING feels constricted. This is the first bra I have forgotten I’m even wearing. I LOVE IT!” …Baesymmetrical

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  1. Thank you Ellen and the team at Lingerie Briefs for highlighting our Chest-Inclusive collections. It is important to use to represent all the ways a chest should be supported in the lingerie drawer. This is just one more step forward to normalizing a conversation around the aftermath of breast cancer, and how it is important to represent the choice or outcome of having one breast, two breasts, no breasts, or new breasts. We are honored to have your support!

  2. I just wanted to share how brilliant and amazing I think this idea is.
    I hope it starts a trend and opens a door that enables all women who experience breast cancer surgery, to feel they don’t need to conform to “a look” if they don’t want to.
    This is coming from someone who works for a company that sells replacement silicone enhancers for bras – perhaps we need to revisit how we present them. There is no normal!

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