Paris ~ A Day of Shopping & Strolling in the City


Having just arrived in Paris to attend Salon International de la Lingerie, I had a free day to explore before the show. Tina Wilson, (who regularly features articles & superb illustrations on LBriefs) joined me for a fabulous day of shopping and strolling around the city.

Everything this January seems to be ‘On Sale’ and brightly colored apparel was the trend everywhere. We spent much of our time at the iconic Le Bon Marché department store, where we were wow’d by Daniel Buren’s contemporary art installations… very bold, colorful and exciting, as were the fashions we encountered, particularly the swimwear.

Daniel Buren’s contemporary art installations at Le Bon Marché

SWIMWEAR at Le Bon Marché

Colorful Sweaters at FROM FUTURE

Of course, Tina and I had to each buy one!PARIS VENDORS
Even in January, the streets in Paris are alive with fresh flowers, produce and cheese.My recap of the Salon International de la Lingerie show will take a look at all the latest collections from the world’s top brands. I will share my impressions and images upon my return to New York.

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