My visit to MEY Lingerie in Germany: Inspirational, Informative & Insightful


Mey Lingerie Fall 2024 collection as seen as Salon de la Lingerie in Paris

Last week, following the Salon de la Lingerie in Paris, I had the unique opportunity to visit the MEY Lingerie headquarters in Altstadt, Germany along with a group of extraordinary women, 8 store owners and their compatriots. (check out the who’s who below). The experience was inspirational and chock full of information that elevates my opinion of the MEY brand, which was already very high. Quoting myself, after discovering the brand 2 years ago:

“I am intrigued by their merchandising acumen. Their integration of every facet of lingerie into a lifestyle vision is mesmerizing. Using coordinated colors and prints, Mey delivers 8 dynamic deliveries per year that flow together flawlessly. Within each product category are Never Out of Stock basics which enable the retailer’s fast replenishment and margin growth.”

In Germany, I was exposed to the infrastructure of this 128-million-dollar company. Born in 1928, today it is still a family operation that boasts 1100 employees. Producing 7.8 million pieces annually, 35,000 per day, they keep manufacturing close at hand. 81% of the knitting, 90% of fabric production and 60% of garment sewing stay in house. The remainder is in Portugal and Hungary and all the factories are MEY owned.

In addition, the company maintains a 75% stock position to insure access to quick reorder and delivery. This translates to 7500 stockkeeping units.

MEY has 23 exclusive boutiques. They are the #1 sleepwear brand in Germany and #2 in bras. Their investment in brick and mortar is obvious as they strive to expand their presence in North America. Their efforts to support independent retailers are front and center with creative strategies to boost sales already on the horizon.

Mey Lingerie Fall current collection

Touring the facility, the innovative technology of this company was inescapable. Without going into the nitty gritty (too much detail) I was impressed with some of the unique techniques used to finish fabrics and efficiently cut and sew garments. Multiple certificates confirm their sustainable efforts from yarn development to delivery. It is clearly a state of the art operation.

Mey Lingerie state of the art manufacturing facilities in Germany

The robust merchandise offer is compelling. The synthesis of color and print with bras and panties enriches this presentation. It’s a total lifestyle concept with fashion and comfort as the goal.

Mey Lingerie Fall current collection

Mey’s dedication to perfection was clear as day every step of the way. Performing 100% inspections at each phase of production, quality control is MEY’s north star.

But more than any aspect of my trip to MEY and what impressed me the most, was/are the people who run the company, their loyalty to their employees, to their suppliers, their ability to listen and their never-ending efforts to insure a positive working environment at every location.

They created an unforgettable experience mixing information with pleasure. Learning about the brand in depth combined with an excursion to the historic city of Tuebingen for a walkabout and a delicious meal, I can’t thank them enough.

You can catch them at Curve NY booth 234 and 236.

Thanks also to each of these stores who shared this adventure with me:

Salma Bruno from  Beauty Treats in California

Marianne Hassam from Brachic from Ontario

Larisa Olsen from Chantilly Lace in Illinois

Robin Horman from Lilibeas in Pennsylvania

Sylvia Poirier from Lingerie Lalonde in Quebec

Melissa Dean from Mel Lingerie in British Columbia

Robin Molyneaux from Midnight Magic in Alberta

Christina Conquergood from Peaches Lingerie in British Columbia

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  1. Robin Horman says:

    What a wonderful write up of our visit Ellen! I was so honored to be part of this experience, it was truly amazing and it was a pleasure to make some new acquaintances!

  2. Marianne says:

    Ellen you captured the visit perfectly. I left feeling the same way, what a wonderful group of people and products.

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