Intimate Industry Leaders Applauded ~ Femmy Awards 2024

Commando illustration by Tina Wilson on Lingerie BriefsBy TINA WILSON ~
On August 6th, 2024, the Underfashion Club will hold its Femmy Awards gala at Cipriani in NYC. I have had the pleasure and the privilege to be President of this honorable organization for 6 years. Our mission in simple terms is to give financial aid to talented students as well as mentorship and education to our club members. Our design contest theme this year focuses on sustainability, a much used and abused word these days but if you are sitting in the sweltering heat as I am at this moment, perhaps you are paying just a bit more attention to brands and retailers who show transparency and take their carbon footprint seriously in the decisions they make.

Commando, the name says it all. Manufacturing many of their styles in the USA is a signature of Commando and it is not an easy endeavor but Kerry O’Brien the founder and CEO made it happen. Having worked in the past with Kerry and her extraordinary team I have seen up close the evolution from intimates including bras and shapewear, to stunning womens apparel and most recently a Spring 24 mens launch. The clean lines, the bonded construction, the bold color, superior fabrics and the raw finishes are Commando trademarks that continue to make this brand sought after in better department and specialty stores. The Brand Evolution Award will be presented to Kerry O’Brien, CEO, Founder and Designer. Congratulations Kerry… there are no words for how happy it will make me to celebrate a brand committed to making us all feel good.

Eberjey illustration by Tina Wilson on Lingerie Briefs

“Touch them”. Those were my words to my very young, “green” colleague as a group of us perused the intimate apparel floor in Bloomingdales. I was referring to the always exquisite display of Eberjey pj’s that greet you when you enter the sleepwear realm of the 59th Street store. We were all thrilled with the softness and the quality, as is anyone who is familiar with Eberjey. My young colleague had never felt anything so wonderful and classic; she became an instant fan.  The Gisele pajama, whether short or long, has been the gold standard for the knit button front notch collar pajama in our industry.  Their extensive use of TENCEL modal made from controlled or certified wood sources is key to the longevity and softness of their collections. The Iconic Sleepwear Award will be presented to Eberjey and accepted by CEO and co-founder Mariela Rovito.

Regina Miracle illustration by Tina Wilson on Lingerie Briefs

Regina Miracle is not a household name, and I am fairly certain most of you reading this have never heard of them, but I know for a fact that you possess a bra and/or panties manufactured by them. Based in China, with relationships with almost every intimate brand worldwide, Regina Miracle has been a leader in sustainable innovation for decades, before it was “popular”.  I visited their immaculately beautiful facilities many years ago. I remember seeing firsthand the recycling of the water so clean that it filled the Koi ponds scattered throughout the property (not sure if they are still there). Regina created a method of making foam bra cups with no waste using injection molding, and if you think of the tons of foam used and previously thrown away in bra manufacturing, this was groundbreaking. The Sustainable Innovation Award will be accepted by Bull Liu on behalf of YY Hung, CEO of Regina Miracle.

Vanity Fair illustration by Tina Wilson on Lingerie Briefs

Vanity Fair is a division of Fruit of the Loom and an intimate brand well known and well loved for decades. The innovation and comfort of the shapewear, daywear and bras has given the brand staying power and one of the reasons they have been around since the 1920’s. Fun Fact-They were the first to introduce the animal print in intimates in 1953! Their Illumination String Bikini has been the #1 style for the past 5 years and we honor this success.  The Fan Favorite Award will be accepted by Joanna Beddingfield, Vice President of Vanity Fair Lingerie.Mayur Vansia illustration by Tina Wilson on Lingerie Briefs

I recently met and lunched with Mayur Vansia; the recipient of the Visionary Award being presented in a few weeks. We talked about everything from his many patents to the need for nurturing young talent. I was struck by his kindness, his intelligence and immediately understood his popularity and respect in our industry.  There are so many “behind the scenes” designers and visionaries in this industry that go unheralded. If you have ever worn undergarments from Spanx or Victorias Secret to name just two then you have probably been the recipient of Mayur’s vision and talent and we are excited to introduce him to our Femmy attendees on our most festive evening.

There is still time to procure a seat at our gala, to mingle with the brands and the people that make up our invaluable industry. It will be a stellar evening of honor, celebration, food, dancing and our very first live auction. Please go to for information…2024 Femmy Awards invitation on Lingerie BriefsBe well and stay cool!


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