VALNUE Lingerie: Transitional Luxury from Turkey

By ESTELLE PULESTONVALNUE Lingerie featured on Lingerie BriefsBeyza Kirilmaz and Ipek Ustay, the former a graduate in fashion design and the latter in art history, founded Turkish brand VALNUE earlier this year after discovering a shared frustration with the lingerie industry. Although they both loved the idea of styling intimates into their outerwear looks, the lingerie they could find around them was typically either too revealing to make it work, or too basic to even bother.

Their vision for VALNUE therefore was a line of beautiful, versatile lingerie and nightwear garments that could be easily translated into day or evening wear. Styles that were statement-making enough to add interest and capture attention (for the right reasons!), but which also provided enough coverage that a woman could feel comfortable and confident wearing them wherever she pleased.They picked the name VALNUE from the Latin val, meaning worth, health, and strength, and the French nue, meaning naked, as a way to represent the brand’s ethos of embracing one’s natural, unfiltered body and inspiring feelings of self-worth and body-confidence.VALNUE Lingerie featured on Lingerie BriefsThe debut product range, Odyssey – the initial drop of which sold out very quickly after launch day – is an 18-piece, all-black collection that takes its cue from nature as well as female empowerment. Primarily made of silk satin with touches of mesh, silk chiffon, and embroidery, it’s the embroidered decoration that really steals the show.VALNUE Lingerie featured on Lingerie Briefs

“The dragonfly, which has gracefully navigated the Earth for 300 million years, symbolizes resilience, strength, and the enduring pursuit of happiness”, says Kirilmaz, who hand-drew the pattern that was translated into this graphic ‘dragonfly wing’ embroidery. It appears on almost every piece, wrapping around a waistline or peeking subtly out from a thigh-high slit or top edge of a cup. Many of VALNUE’s designs also have an asymmetric edge, such as the Olympia robe which has a single cuff hemmed with the embroidery, or the Julia bodysuit where it creates a large, one-sided cut out at the back of the body.VALNUE Lingerie featured on Lingerie BriefsFor Kirilmaz, VALNUE is also about bringing a touch of couture’s meticulous detailing to everyday pieces. It’s something which shows through in the thoughtful construction, such as lining the silk briefs and thongs with a bamboo layer as well as a silk gusset. “Comfort is at the forefront of every design decision,” Ustay explains, “(Bamboo is) naturally breathable, incredibly soft on the skin, and boasts antibacterial properties. Silk’s weightless feel drapes beautifully, creating a comfortable second-skin sensation. Plus, its natural temperature regulation properties help you drift off to a deeper sleep.”VALNUE Lingerie featured on Lingerie BriefsSustainability and, by extension, durability are also high on the duo’s list of priorities when it comes to creating their products. “We envision a future where women feel empowered to express themselves authentically, seamlessly transitioning from the sanctuary of their bedrooms to the world stage, all while embracing the luxurious comfort and sustainable values that are woven into the very fabric of VALNUE”, says Kirilmaz of the brand’s long-term agenda.

Committed to continuing to blur the lines between intimate wear and everyday clothing, the pair also have plans to take VALNUE beyond just lingerie and loungewear. For now though, they’re actively focused on broadening the global presence of their fledgling brand – and have already been spotlighted by ELLE Japan – so keep an eye out for international pop-ups!VALNUE Lingerie featured on Lingerie BriefsVALNUE Lingerie featured on Lingerie BriefsVALNUE Lingerie featured on Lingerie BriefsVALNUE’s Odyssey collection covers sizes XS-XL and 34-42 A-D, and is priced from 3,150-13,825 TRY, approximately $95-$420.

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