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Meet Lily. I fell in love with her when Peter Burke, owner and visionary entrepreneur of the 18 year old PJ Salvage brand showed me pictures of her schmoozing with models at a recent photo shoot. The minute I looked at these images of young women clad in PJ Salvage merchandise, playing with Lily, feeding her spaghetti and generally spoiling the daylights out of her, I knew Peter had a marketing bonanza on his hands. Without even trying, this adorable French bulldog has become an instant mascot for a product whose casual California feel good persona has informed the lifestyle of countless fans across the globe. Have you noticed that dog lovers have a tendency to stay loyal to a particular breed? Well French bulldogs that engage in pajama parlance: aka comfort and contentment have not only conquered Peter’s personal canine preferences, but also the hearts and minds of PJ Salvage customers. Lily has 10,000 followers on Instagram.


I have always proffered that good product comes first. After the goods are on the table though, telling a consistent story can assure fan devotion. Lily’s tale takes the PJ Salvage ethos to another level of cuddly and cute and just a bit “laissez-faire”: (she is French after all). The company has injected her message into their genetic infrastructure guaranteeing a healthy and productive future. Lily’s image now presides on hang-tags, labels, prints, packaging and accessories.  There are so many possibilities for the brand to take advantage of her presence. Perhaps, a French bulldog PJ Salvage fashion parade with Lily as the star. But then again, she might want the stage all to herself. She always steals the show.

“I’ve Learned That People Will Forget What You Said, People Will Forget What You Did, But People Will Never Forget How You Made Them Feel” ~Maya Angelou


Casual Calm ~ PJ Salvage®


All my life I have been a dog person.  Always had one living by my side; sometimes 3.  Cats on the other hand were an afterthought.  Somehow or another, the cats in my house were there because someone brought  a kitten home, promised to covet it for eternity and then, left the poor feline there to fend for herself in the grasp of a canine domicile.  Cats make very few demands, virtually disappearing into the chaos of a bustling home. I never really got it; why cat lovers were so possessed.  But living in an apartment for the past few years with my 15 year old kitty, Kenya, I have been enlightened.  Once the dogs were gone – may they rest in peace – out from her shell emerged this affectionate, very furry, exceptionally soft pussy cat seeking my consideration.  This 17 pound ball of fur lays atop me while I watch television or when I am sleeping purring a living warmth into my body  and creating a Zen like moment in my day.


Perhaps it is the soft grey and white coloring of the cuddly tactile fabrics that sparked my thoughts of Kenya, but when I reviewed the PJ Salvage® Home collection delivering this month, my immediate reaction was how warm and cozy these items are. The breadth of materials used; jacquard French terry’s, modal ribs, microfiber waffles, cotton quilted and sweater knits, create a sanctuary of comfortable intimate fashion available in XS-XL.  Each piece of this loungewear moves with a quiet ease from kitchen to bedroom or outside to walk the dog.  But if you are lucky enough to have a cat, you never need to leave the couch.

“The Ideal Of Calm Exists In A Sitting Cat” ~Jules Reynard


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