Bikini Briefs

Clear Cut ~ So De Mel

by Rhea Cortado

I was craving a new pair of spectacles, so I tried on like 10 pairs of tortoise shell frames that were some variation of Ray Ban Wayfarer glasses at the darling Gogosha Optique.  All in a row on the glass table, they looked nearly identical. But when one is actually on the face, the miniscule differences became deal breakers—too much scoop in the bottom, too straight across the brow, too thick of a frame, too gaping or too narrow. Owner Julia Gogosha empathized that when matching glasses onto a face, “Every millimeter makes a difference.”

I’m no expert in knowing which glasses compliment which face the way Julia is, but I know it’s the same way in swimwear (and lingerie). There is such little fabric and so much skin, every single millimeter and degree in the angle of curve cuts makes the difference between a sexy décolletage … ...Read more

by Rhea Cortado
During the wintertime, Angelenos get cabin fever. We’re always surprised by when it’s all of sudden too chilly to wear sandals. I upgraded to my thicker neoprene wetsuit for surfing and keep hearing about friends going across hemispheres to where it’s summer. Because I’m not in possession of a vacation home in Cabo San Lucas, driving up the coast to Santa Barbara and visiting A Tropical Affair lingerie and swim shop is one of my favorite places to detox into a vacation state of mind when everyday responsibilities don’t allow for international border-crossing.

The striped lounge chairs and straw fringe trimmings feel like you’re in a Hawaiian hotel cabana drinking a mai tai. I love that both the lingerie and swimwear merchandise fluidly in vibrant colors that have a young, fresh and light-hearted mood. No swimsuits could be considered simple, boring or conservative. Owner Heather Taylor has … ...Read more

Favorites: Reborn ~ UNDREST

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T-shirt by Keep Me

My number one favorite T-shirt has died. It was in the most yummy modal and spandex blend fabric that was cut to drape just perfectly. But even after taking the best care (hand-washing and hang-drying), you can’t fight the aging from wearing it all the time, year after year. Now it’s in archival status, saved only for special occasions to preserve the threads while I continue hunting for its successor.

Thankfully after my Undrest knit bikini had endured seasons of heat, sand, saltwater, chlorine and sunscreen and it was time for a replacement with snappier Lycra, I could still get that much-loved zig-zag print. The designer, Maria Paz Navales started Undrest as pretty Supima cotton Brazilian-cut panties and matching bralettes. Shortly after, she translated her feminine, fun style into launching Undrest By The Sea swimwear. Its breakthrough signature look for … ...Read more

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