Bridal Briefs

By Aimee Guthinger

Destination weddings have increasingly become more popular.  They offer a combination of wedding and vacation all wrapped in to a seminal event not just for the bridal party, but their guests as well. It is not unusual that lately I have been hearing from brides to be who are choosing romantic destinations to stage their events.  The idea evokes images of soft sandy beaches, picture perfect horizons and the caress of warm salty air on your skin. And the savvy travel industry has recognized the phenomenon.… Read More

Lingerie Honeymoon Guide

By Aimee Guthinger

Long before the wedding you will need to start thinking about your honeymoon and your honeymoon lingerie. As we have discussed in previous blogs, the old traditions no longer dictate your choices and, keep in mind that a honeymoon does last for more than one night! Many women visiting my shop tell us that they’re looking for something feminine and traditional for the wedding night, but they are also interested in something fun to wear in the middle of their getaway, as well as something daring to present toward the end of the vacation or after returning home.… Read More

Luxury Bridal Corsets

By Margaret Shrum

Outerwear Or Innerwear?

Certainly one of the most pleasurable experiences for the bride-to-be, is the indulgence of wearing and receiving beautiful, luxurious lingerie. This is the opportunity to splurge on the most exquisite underpinnings that will not only accentuate her figure under her wedding gown, it will compliment her sensual style.

For underneath the dress or as outerwear, there are several luxury options to give her a smooth line and support.  Here are three examples of gorgeous foundation pieces, created by Ender Legard Corsetry:








 … Read More

Color Me Beautiful!

By Aimee Guthinger

The concept of color choice in a woman’s wardrobe has really peaked my interest recently.  For some reason I have had a slew of customers come into the shop in recent weeks holding “Color Season” cards searching for Intimates that would work well with their complexions. This idea was popular in apparel back in the 80’s when women would have their “Season” read based on their actual skin, hair and eye tones.  I guess I have more than a few ladies of a certain age shopping in my boutique. … Read More

Panty Personality Game!

By Aimee Guthinger

Couldn’t wait to share with all of you a fun bridal shower gift game I heard about the other day while a maid of honor was shopping here at Bedroom I’s Boutique.  It seems the hosts decided to create a panty party game within this bride’s shower.  

Each guest is asked to bring a panty separately wrapped as one of the bride’s gifts and to be sure to make it an anonymous package leaving off the name of the gift giver and if possible to use a different variety of gift wrap to add to the anonymity.  … Read More

Japanese Bridal Beauty

By Margaret Shrum

This summer, I was fortunate to spend two weeks traveling throughout Japan. It was a feast for the senses; temporal beauty was reflected in the architecture, art, cuisine and of course the fashion. This was evident while visiting Kyoto, where I stumbled upon two completely different, yet traditional Japanese wedding ceremonies; each one clearly defined by very different kimono designs.

Both ceremonies, held outside in a Shinto temple, were attended by the female miko, or shrine maidens, whose formal costumes were also elaborate and spectacular.… Read More

Intimate Honeymoon Desserts

By Aimee Guthinger

Temptations from your own custom lingerie dessert cart

It’s a matter of fact that Brides visiting my lingerie boutique on Cape Cod will often find themselves talking about their wedding plans.  As a former wedding planner, I think I’ll never lose my curiosity about the next big event!  So, when I found myself chatting with a bride earlier this summer about her menu, I was delighted to hear something that, to me, was very original! This bride was not talking about her wedding reception dinner menu, but her honeymoon dessert cart menu and, the ingredients were lingerie!… Read More

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