Bridal Briefs

Bridal Lingerie Q & A

By Aimee Guthinger

Now it’s time for some bridal girl-brief answers! Here’s where we last left off:

“I’d like to buy a wedding chemise for a shower gift, but is this something only meant for the brides’ mother to give?”

This is an important question, however the answer is relatively simple and goes something like this…I have yet to meet a bride who has ever received too many chemises.  She alone will decide what her wedding night lingerie will be and the beauty is that in the end only the bride & the groom will know what she chooses to wear. … Read More

By Margaret Shrum

Henna artist Sandy Patangay is known for over a decade of designing gorgeous traditional Indian henna body decorations for brides in NYC. Last year she decided to expand her henna artistry onto gorgeous little hand decorated artisanal wedding cakes in bright colors and heart and square shapes with her company Creme Delicious. I met Sandy at a bridal marketing round table and was immediately drawn to her beautiful product. Her cakes are truly edible works of artistry, which have been featured in Oprah Magazine, Martha Stewart and several other wedding blogs.… Read More

Unveiling Intimates

By Aimee Guthinger

Courtesy of Stylesight: Intimate Details

Unveiling intimates; this concept immediately came to mind when I sat down to think about my first article here on Bridal Briefs.  Then while working with a bride last weekend I knew it was a sign when I entered the fitting room and she said; “I am completely clueless about this lingerie stuff.  Will you please help me?”  This is a common question heard within the walls of my boutique here on Cape Cod, one of the East Coast’s most popular destinations for weddings.  … Read More

By Ellen Lewis

Last week my daughter was ruminating about the type of wedding she wanted.  By the way, she is not engaged.  Like many young girls, this conversation has been going on for about 20 years.  She told me she did not want a big affair (phew): the only thing important to her was the diamond ring and the dress (oh well).  The dress seems to be the aspiration.  I suppose it’s the princess on the peak that seduces so many feminine fantasies.  Nonetheless, it seems that the wedding gown is the centerpiece of  this show; a narcistic opportunity, totally expected and even applauded by everyone involved.… Read More

by Ellen Lewis ~
I am not quite sure what it is about the bridal business that intrigues me so much. Certainly, it is not the actual event. I was married in City Hall (my choice) to avoid the chaos and fanfare. I think it’s the theatrics, the staging of a dramatic production replete with costumes, scenery and props. The whole drama ignites my inner artist. Like Intimate Apparel, the Wedding Industry is mystical, elegant, playful and steeped in sensuality. It is holistically feminine.

I see this space as a parallel universe to Lingerie because it is first and foremost about women and satisfying their most intimate needs.… Read More

By Libby Dowd

Today more brides opt out of the traditional garter toss. But that does not mean the demand for this dainty underpinning is waning. In fact, the garter selections available to brides are expanding and styles are becoming more decadent and luxurious. La Gartier owner and designer, Sarah Dobson says garters are trending—big time. It’s not the traditional toss that is drawing in customers. “Brides are buying garters just to have them,” says Dobson. “It’s a keepsake. A garter is one wedding day accessory that is easy to keep and that a mother can pass down to her daughter.”… Read More

In Bloom for Brides

by Libby Dowd

Wedding gowns are traditionally white, but lately color has been making its way down the runway—and the aisle. From the neutral blush colors that are appearing in virtually every designer’s collection to Vera Wang’s shocking black gown, color is coming on strong. So why should bridal lingerie stay all white?
In Bloom by Jonquil is introducing its new line of intimates for summer deliveries. These styles mix bold black trims and flirty polka dots—making them perfect for the bride who wants to maintain some tradition but still have a little bit of fun with color and pattern.… Read More

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