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Following the inspiration’s trajectory a new design concept is developed.

A Star was born when a Method actor, a relative newcomer fired off “Hey, Stella-a-a!” in the 1951’s acclaimed film adaptation of “A Streetcar Named Desire”, the renowned play by Tennessee Williams. Marlon Brando’s emotionally raw portrayal of Stanley Kowalski was not only a milestone achievement in cinematic history, it was a landmark moment with a sartorial flare.marlon

While hailed as the screen’s “most forceful presence”, his torn T-shirt clad persona, reeking of sweat and “brutish desire”, shocked and aroused the audience. The steamy appearance of Brando in sullied white tank, dripping with untamed male sensuality, is embedded in our pop culture psyche.

Known as a tank top since the late sixties, regardless of it’s “wife beater” connotation, the undershirt staple of the proletariat stepped out of its … ...Read more

by Marina Rybak
societys-corset-insideIt was a seductive discovery, when I stumbled upon the art of Tamar Stone. I have never seen anything like that before. Fascinated, I reached out to the artist immediately. Once the connection was established, I proceeded to journey into the Corset Work world of one-of-a-kind handmade books, created with vintage corsets, girdle paper advertisements and lingerie salesman manuals from the years past.

Society’s Corset: Hints to A Fashionable Lady © 2007 Antique salesman sample girdle with net trim, satin ribbon and vintage corset lace. Machine Stitched, cotton embroidered text.

As a photographer and a filmmaker Tamar naturally stepped into the realm of bookmaking. Her inspiration emerged from the personal history of wearing a corset/ brace herself due to spinal curvature and herniated disk. A sensitive contemplation on the female form and “a need to fit in” is delicately woven into the original, dimensional narrative. The … ...Read more

By Marina Rybak


Cape of Needlepoint


I had a rare opportunity to visit the Antonio Ratti Textile Center at The Metropolitan Museum of Art and explore its renowned hand-made lace collection spanning the period of five centuries. The masterpieces of so called “lost art” are unmatched in beauty and their unique aesthetic is an integral element of the lingerie design narrative. Underscoring this connection, I became a supporter of the Center’s Lace Fund. Naturally, I was drawn to the artistic expression of Katherine Mangiardi, contemporary New York artist who is fascinated and is inspired by hand-made lace.



According to Katherine’s “Artist Statement” she recreates “intimate portraits” of lace. Her enigmatic style expands from the realist to the ethereal. Her source of inspiration is both carefully studied and viscerally channeled. Graceful spirals, intricate scrolls and piercing curlicues are delicately rendered and boldly reconstructed on canvas. They are not mere visuals … ...Read more

by Marina Rybak
I fell in love with Place des Vosges the moment I entered the majestic square in the historic Marais district in Paris. It was love at first glance. I felt right at home and soon after I found a flat, I called my own, just few blocks away on Rue St. Gilles. Hardly missing a day, I spent most of my mornings at Ma Bourgogne, a local café, nestled under the arcades on one of the square’s corners. Dreamily I would gaze into the gardens in the center of the square, intending that “if I ever would want to experience heaven on earth, I would live on Place des Vosges”. Naturally, when I had my first encounter with a Vosges chocolate bar years later in New York, I was drawn to it, being curious about its name and tempted by its exotic, intriguing flavor (richly dark … ...Read more

It’s The The Power of Cleavage…

By Marina Rybak
100 movie poster bookThe race is on! The highly anticipated Arts and Entertainment Award Season is here. The frenzy of the ceremonies is heating up and the self-proclaimed authorities of the best and the worst-dressed lists are jamming the communication channels, fighting for our attention.

Just in time I stumbled upon a “palate cleanser” at the Rizzoli Bookstore, a recently published hardcover book –100 Movie Posters: The Essential Collection. Penned by the world-renowned vintage poster expert Tony Nourmand, the book is a carefully edited selection of visually spectacular images, reflecting the best in the cinema poster art and design.
Bra history buffs and enthusiasts would be happy to learn that The Outlaw provocative, censorship-defying poster from 1943 has made the cut. The film was the first, intentionally subliminal motion-picture celebration of breasts.

The film’s star Jane Russell literally busted out onto … ...Read more

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