Stay In The Moment

pouring-milkSeveral years ago I began to practice yoga.  At first, my type “A” personality prevented me from understanding the meaning proffered by this ancient discipline.  Staying in the moment was not a concept I embraced.  Life was all about productivity and tangible results.  I look back now on the … ...Read more

The Age Of Discovery

ellen 60 birthday cakeThis weekend was a transformational time in my life.  As the youngest of my 3 children graduated from college and I celebrated my 60th birthday, I feel energized by the possibilities before me.  I am excited about the potential challenges and the freedom to try new things.  I feel … ...Read more

Be A Pioneer

Karen-Dupr--Route-66-97539Traveling along Interstate 40 from Sedona to Albuquerque,   we stopped in the tiny town of Winslow, Arizona for breakfast.   Dry, barren of vegetation and slightly depressed, this enclave was located off the highway on the old Route 66, once known as the Main Street of America.   Void of traffic, the … ...Read more

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