Resume ~ Ellen Lewis

Lingerie Briefs: Publisher and Partner ~ 2009 – present 

Intimate Product Concepts, Inc.: President and Owner ~ 2007 – present 

Bennett and Company, Inc.: Director of Sales and Marketing ~ 2005 – 2007

Nap, New York Inc.: Sr. VP Product Development/ Merchandising ~ 1994 – 2004 
Overall Management;   
  Design Team 
  Technical Unit 
  CAD Department 
  Sample Room 
  Fabric R & D department 
  Reactive and proactive design process 
  Time and Action Calendars 
  Line Plans and Merchandise Analysis 
  Costing Process 
  Sourcing Processed  
  Brand Launch 
  Private Label Accounts 

R.H. Macy Department Stores, N.Y. Inc. ~ 1980 to 1992   
     VP Product Development/ Merchandising Intimate Apparel1984 to 1992 
          Private Label Lingerie responsibility for all corporate divisions 

     Merchandise Manager Woman’s RTW ~ 1983 to 1984
     Buyer woman’s Hosiery, Legwear, Bodywear, Slippers ~  1980 to 1983 

 Abraham & Straus Department Stores, Inc. ~ 1972 to 1980      
     Buyer Cosmetics      
     Special Project Initiative reporting to GMM RTW  
     Buyer Woman’s Bridge Sportswear and Dresses  
     Department Manager Woman’s Accessories  
     Asst. Department Manager Junior Dresses  

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  1. Ms. Ellen Lewis, Hello young lady.
    It’s time for some sort of men’s lingerie. Complimenting lounge wear for her. Daily utility wear for him. Functional things, most are a natural calling. It’s there you just do not see it
    and men will not speak of it.I see, feel and know what we need.
    I would like to see some things be designed.
    Women are the market’s penetration point for men’s lingerie acceptance.
    Do a spiel on it and see what comes back to you.
    Call into the void of need.I love woman and I love lingerie. Please review
    my book at Amazon Kindle, Of Lingerie and Modestly Nothing.
    It’s a bunch of writ’s I wrote and threw together.
    It’s all soft and smutty, lol. Really they are love letters of a sort.
    I have a lot to offer. I love your site, all new to me. I am reading your posts, lol.
    Your impressive…
    I have a different flare and feel. I am going to enjoy absorbing your blog site.
    Take care and dream young lady.

    • Ellen Lewis says:

      Hi Sebastian
      Thanks for your support. I have tried mens stories before and haven’t had a great response, but maybe it’s time to start again??!!

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