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Linda-Popple2Frederika Zappe is considered to be one of the foremost bra fitting specialists in the Intimate Apparel industry.  I met her last week to learn more about the Fitting School she directs at Curve for Eveden brands and within hours, I felt as if I had a new friend.  She is the consummate communicator, with a passion for her avocation that is contagious.  In minutes, I was showing her my Empreinte bra, which she loved on me and learning something new about fit.  It is Freddy’s appreciation for women’s issues and her desire to help them love themselves that powers her program.

Freddy is a Bra Therapist.  She understands the psychology of Fit.  She addresses the physical reality by engaging in a woman’s emotional posture.  In her own words, her personal goal is to “Fit the Head”.   She sees a bra as a tool to change a woman’s life.  Women enter a fitting room with a great deal of personal baggage usually including a preconceived vision of themselves that is not particularly accurate.  This controls her level of self-confidence.  For Freddy, the real achievement is finding that moment of perfect happiness, when the customer is in the correct size bra, in the shape best suited for her body structure.  She looks in the mirror and the transformation is life changing.


I thought I knew a lot about fit.  After all, I have been in the industry for years and growing up in an era where choices were fairly limited for larger busted girls.  Believe me, I have done my research.  But after several hours with Freddy last week, I have been enlightened.  I have learned details about my body conformation and the best styles for my shape that I never knew before and what’s more, I know why.


If the fitting room is Freddy’s personal laboratory, the Eveden Fitting School, held during the Curve shows, is her teaching podium.  In the private confines of The Fit School she dispenses her wisdom to both women and men (yes men) in groups that are very similar to group therapy meetings.

Separated into two sessions, Part I is a two hour open forum that explores body types, bra frames, fitting techniques, style secrets and bra history.  It is a safe haven to ask questions, share experiences and contribute ideas.  Part II is Fit Boot Camp, a three hour hands on fitting session, in which students, using the extensive Eveden bra inventory from 28 to 56 bands and A-K cups, practice the art of fitting on each other.  This is where the “Ah Ha” moment happens.  These sessions host beginners as well as people who have been fitting for decades.  What is especially compelling is how many students repeat these classes.  From what I experienced, there is always a revelation.


I am not sharing the details of Freddy’s signature methodology because frankly, I could never deliver the message in her compelling style.  She can deliver that gift to you personally.  But I will be attending Fitting School at Curve  this year and so should you because “you’re worth it”!

“Telling Yourself You Like The Way You Look Is Easy. Believing It Is An Entirely Different Kettle Of Whales.” ~Andrew Biss

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