Wedding Foreplay ~ Shell Belle Couture

May 14, 2015


Other than my own wedding which was so long ago, the details escape my memory, I have only attended one bridal suite pre-wedding regalia. That was recently at my daughter in law’s bequest. There the bride and her attendants, wrapped in specially monogrammed robes, were pampered by makeup artists and hairstylists who morphed them into ladies in waiting. The champagne flowed. mimosas were poured and there was so much food I wondered how they would breathe in their dresses. I must say, as the mother of the groom, I enjoyed the attention, even as I steamed dresses and kept the grooms cadre at bay. It was a cocktail party before the cocktail party. I can assure you that wedding prep in my day was much less luxurious. When I think of bridal business and wedding goodies, I always think of Shell Belle Couture, with whom I reserve a special place in my intimate gallery when Bridal Lingerie is discussed.  Michelle’s Cocktail collection tells the story better than I can.





  1. clare ranney Friday - 15 / 05 / 2015 Reply
    Where WERE these lovely lingerie collections in our day?! When my sister got married, and her going-away bag was packed and in the limo. As we left for the church to "dress" her, she realized she had packed ALL of her lovely new trousseau undies. Granny panties would not do, so as her maid (made) of honor.........I provided what was required! Her something "old, borrowed and blue" was a clean pair of MY bikini undies........


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