What Lies Beneath ? Wedding Intimacy

March 26, 2015

I have been a bit MIA this week in the wake of my son’s wedding in Newport Beach, California last Saturday. And now, straight from a week-end packed with one event after another, I flew to our home in Cabo with family in tow. Focus has been a challenge, but just to prove that lingerie really is the poetry in a woman’s wardrobe, here’s a few relevant highlights (and a few not so relevant) that prove how much intimates are woven into our lives , particularly in the wonder of a bridal venue.












Our New Column Explores the World of Women

March 24, 2015


We are excited to introduce a new, innovative column to our readers. SHE BUZZ is devoted to women’s concerns as well as their celebrations. Lingerie Briefs’ columnist, Ali Cudby shares news stories and trends to the issues women uniquely face in the world by virtue of being women. It may be fun and festive, or sad and serious. This column will be guided by current events and personal opinion – all on the topic of women’s experiences.  READ MORE



Ode to Spring ~ Hanky Panky

March 21, 2015


Today is the first day of spring. Nothing commemorates seasonal rejuvenation or new beginnings quite like a burst of color. Today is also my son’s wedding day and as you can imagine I am a bit distracted. In fact, it is an intensely emotional moment. So with the help of my long time partners, Hanky Panky and their Spring 2015 incarnation of signature lace, I am placing this message to all my readers in their hands.  I will be slightly off-schedule next week as I debrief from the week-end regalia. But don’t worry, I will have much to report, probably on all the women wearing the wrong bras at Charlie and Kelly’s reception. Stay tuned. And thanks Hanky Panky for this brilliant Ode to Spring


“Colors, Like Features, Follow The Changes Of The Emotions” ~ Pablo Picasso


Something’s Blooming At Barbara Lingerie

March 20, 2015


Walking through the Curve show last month, I did a double take when I passed the Barbara booth. The Anna blue and white printed bra and panty set displayed front and center for fall 2015 was a showstopper. I have always perceived this brand’s niche as stretch lace.  However with the onset of their new fashion assortment for spring 2015, it is clear that something has changed at Barbara. Not generally attracted to printed lingerie (maybe it’s the New Yorker in me), I was pleasantly surprised by the vital and youthful designs offered in the current collection.  These are lingerie statements young at heart but sophisticated in style. They beg to be seen. One might imagine them peeking out of a chic piece of ready to wear when the weather is warmer.  We certainly could use a bit of levity after a winter that never gave up, even now has we limp towards the spring equinox this week-end.  These bras, a range of microfiber and cotton choices in tulip and plunge shapes are available from 32-40, A-F cups. Something is blooming at Barbara. I think a renewed landscape is on the horizon for this venerable brand.

“From The End Spring New Beginnings” ~ Pliny the Elder




The Artful T-Shirt Bra ~ Simone Pérѐle

March 17, 2015


Although I am no academic, the metaphoric communiques offered by the art world have always informed my perspective. I studied art and somehow found a career where visual properties commanded a major role. I am drawn often to color, light and material and the power they have to transform space when placed in the hands an expert. I find these instincts innately feminine and by association a major proponent in the creation of lingerie. Perhaps this is why Georgia O’Keeffe’s provocative work has mesmerized me for most of my life. It is not just her sensual insight into nature’s most basic elements, but also the intensity of her brush: light and airy as she delivers a powerful tale.


Several weeks ago, I was approached by the website  In the community of artists, there is no on-line hub quite as prestigious.  It was an honor. They had found prior articles I had written embracing O’Keeffe and thought I might be interested in their international  Georgia O’Keeffe page. Finding this painting posted there, I could only think of Simone Pérѐle’s spectacularly successful Amour collection which recently launched. And as I am on a best in class T-shirt bra quest I could not overlook the delicate cradle of French leavers lace around the cups of this plunge t-shirt style. It satisfies the American woman who seeks elegant functionality. Very French, very sexy and very beautiful, it is constructed in Simone Pérѐle’s esteemed 3D spacer fit; 30-40, B-F cups. What really brought the message home, though, was the discovery that the last time I wrote about this brand, O’Keeffe was also part of the story. Her seductive journey into the feminine core speaks to the Simone Pérѐle ideal.

“I Feel There Is Something Unexplored About Woman That Only A Woman Can Explore.” ~Georgia O’Keeffe




“Funderwear” ~ Bia Boro Underwear

March 13, 2015


On my way to Cabo via California next week, I am looking forward to the sun, water and laid back vibe of the Southern Baha culture. Most of all, it’s the heat and light that transforms color, changing basic everyday commodities from the understated to the dynamic. Perhaps that metaphor is why I am drawn to the just discovered Bia Boro Underwear collection. I was surprised when this 5 year young company informed me of their Canadian roots. The prints are so vibrant, I was sure they hailed from a Latin inspired mecca. The plethora of artful patterns developed for the spring 2015 Art Nouveau collection could be collectibles. Hand cut and handmade they are a nod to the bohemian tradition of creative craft.  Available in sizes XS-XL, and engineered in a luxurious bamboo fabric, these panties are constructed to move effortlessly from under to over-garments. Meant for function and fashion, they are finding a following from the sheets to the beach. And the top note: they are just fun to wear.


 “My Style Is Boho Chic. . .
The Patterns, The Prints, The People, The Music , The Vibe” ~Vanessa Hudgens




Wedding Jewelry ~ Empreinte Lingerie

March 10, 2015


I apologize in advance. You are going to hear a lot about my son’s wedding (11 days away) in the next few weeks. It seems that bridal business and lingerie continuously cross mutual boundaries. Case in point is the black and silver sequined top I am wearing (with silk pants) as the mother of the groom. Being a bit voluptuous (festive term for a G cup) I had some concern about what bra to wear beneath this deep V-neck beaded silk blouse.  I wanted it to be beautiful, rich, and uplifting without being revealing. The style that worked perfectly was the Empreinte Irina bra that I received some time ago. I felt completely tacked in but elegant underneath.


I put it away vowing to not wear it again until the wedding. However, several weeks ago, I changed my mind, needing it for a particular outfit. I searched my drawers everywhere and it was nowhere to be found. I blamed it on my 2 year old grandson who has a propensity for moving things from one place to another. And then I gave in and purchased another Irina bra in the same Brume Rosée color that I had lost. Empreinte bras are not inexpensive. They are an investment in self-confidence for large breasted women who need deep cup support. This full cup style is a delicate melange of embroidered tulle, guipure lace, pearl beading, pleated straps, and satin fitting sizes 30-46, C-G cups. It will be the only jewelry I wear, except my earrings, fitting my penchant for understated grace. Personally, Empreinte is an investment in my desire to feel taller and thinner, an illusion I will truly embrace when I walk down the aisle.

“Beauty Is How You Feel Inside, And It Reflects In Your Eyes.
It’s Not Something Physical. ~” Sophia Loren



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