Jenny Rieu collaboration with Dita Von Teese Lingerie & Marjolaine through Glamuse on Lingerie BriefsJenny Rieu collaboration with Dita Von Teese Lingerie & Marjolaine through Glamuse

On the surface, Jenny Rieu and I don’t have a ton in common. However, as I worked with her on this column this month I began to see that she felt the same way I frequently feel: that working in the lingerie industry had forced her to confront and come to love her body in a way that might not have happened otherwise. Working in the lingerie industry when you’re plus-size can be tough, but it can also be enlightening and powerful – at the very least, it means that you confront ideas about size and clothing access on a daily basis. Jenny is more than a model: her thoughts about the industry and lingerie as a whole reveal a woman who has thought deeply about the issues surrounding diversity and body positivity in the industry.

Jenny Rieu Bridal Editorial for My Grande Taille Magazine shot by Jason Kamimura on Lingerie BriefsJenny Rieu Bridal Editorial for My Grande Taille Magazine shot by Jason Kamimura

When Jenny started modeling lingerie in 2016, she was also dealing with a new bra size and trying to figure out where she fit in as a model. “Lingerie modeling almost became like a soul searching experience, as I was trying to build up my confidence and also fulfill the fantasy of being a lingerie model. I had never seen models that looked like me or shared my story represented in the media, so I decided that I wanted to pursue that and I felt very free doing it.” she says. She had been a professional model for two years at that point, but the lingerie industry not only changed her life but the lives of the women who saw her modeling. “I used to feel bad about my weight gain, but the fact that I could model on my own terms has been a very empowering thing to do. I think it would be a completely different story if I had to take on jobs that I wouldn’t want to endorse 100 percent.” Her desire to control her own work led to the creation of Ooh La La PR, so she would have control over which clients and jobs she took on.

Jenny Rieu collaboration with Arts and Swim shot by Jason Kamimura on Lingerie BriefsJenny Rieu collaboration with Artesands shot by Jason Kamimura

The last year of Jenny’s life reads like a ‘who’s who’ of the lingerie world, including a visit to the Fifi Cachnil Atelier and work with Dita Von Teese and Marjolaine. She’s also worked with brands like Nubian Skin and Etched Lingerie. Her 2018 schedule seems just as packed: she’s already booked work with Bloom Bras, Harlow & Fox,  Hips & Curves and Artesands. She says that it amazes her how each of these brands come from different countries, proving that plus-size lingerie really effect women worldwide.

Jenny Rieu collaboration with Jane Woolrich on Lingerie BriefsJenny Rieu collaboration with Jane Woolrich

When I ask her about the future of the plus-size industry her thoughts are deep and complicated. “Brands should no longer have the audacity to claim that they cannot find any attractive fuller figure models to promote their lingerie.” she says. “Today, many women turn to plus size influencers for inspiration to find lingerie that will fit their body types. I often have women sending me direct messages on IG and I respond to all of them. I am just one in the sea of influencers/models that are able to show options to many different women with different needs and styles. But the change should also come from the brands that need to stop making excuses for not catering to all women.”

Collaboration with Nubian Skin shot by Heidi Calvert on Lingerie BriefsCollaboration with Nubian Skin shot by Heidi Calvert

She also talks about specific needs, both in terms of women who wear over a size 20 and women who want luxury lingerie over a size 14. “There needs to be more inclusivity of women of color and not just Caucasian models who are 5’9 and with the perfect hourglass shape. We need all shapes and colors, because women don’t just look one way.” she says. Being a lingerie celebrity doesn’t make you immune to the same experiences other women go through: “Nobody wants to ever feel like they have to shop in that back corner of a shop to find their size, like I did when I was in France last month. This should really not be happening anymore.” she says.

Jenny Rieu Fashion Editorial for Ellements Magazine shot by Heidi Calvert on Lingerie BriefsJenny Rieu Fashion Editorial for Ellements Magazine shot by Heidi Calvert


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I have struggled my entire life with a desire to contain a curvy figure while not feeling constrained. From the first “girdle” my mother bought me at age 12 (and  I refused to wear) to the explosion of shaping garments technically engineered to “seamlessly” smooth and control, I have chosen comfort over concealment. But, with time, my body has decided to retire south and no amount of exercise or diet has much impact. (Well, no amount that I am willing to sacrifice). I even consulted a cool sculpting clinic a few weeks ago: a non-invasive way to diminish flab.  But it seems like an awful lot of expense for a 25% reduction of fat. So I resigned myself to re-exploring the shapewear category.  Product wise, my timing couldn’t be more on target. As the textile market continues to evolve, major breakthroughs in … Read more


The queen of the bodysuit back in 92’ B.S. (before Spanx) was Donna Karan.  Oh how I wish she was around to shake things up now like she did then.  I had the great fortune to work on DK Intimates bodysuits and shapewear, to see her squeeze into them, to watch her drape them on the models, and to debate with her the merits of crotch snaps vs. no snaps for bathroom ease (a battle I lost btw).

It was a special time, when a few key brands were giving birth to the foundations of the bodysuit we know today. And while Donna’s influence still lingers, there are some noteworthy brands shaking things up and moving the bodysuit forward.

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Christine Lingerie photographed by Stephanie Hynes Photography exclusively for Lingerie BriefsChristine Lingerie

In ancient Roman mythology, Aurora is the goddess of dawn. She is the evening glow in a winter sky; radient, romantic, intimate. As the night mists dissipate, she is borne aloft to announce the arrival of the sun. The atmosphere is diaphanous as darkness melts away. The world brightens as by her deed, light emerges. It’s a new day. Her image, often used to evoke sexuality in poetry, has become an icon of feminine persuasion.

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I tumble down on my knees
Fill my mouth with snow
The way it melts
I wish to melt into you
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I recently had the pleasure of joining Ellen at last month’s Salon International de la Lingerie, and what an awesome opportunity it was! I had previously attended the show a handful of times when I owned my lingerie boutique, but this time had the luxury of participating as a spectator, capturing eye-catching collections on my camera for Lingerie Briefs’ social media.  Of course, my former participation as a buyer came right back to me, and I had a slight tinge of remorse over no longer having a wholesale license to engage in my typical buying style of “one for me, one for the store…”.  One such brand that had me feeling particularly eager to write an order (all for me) was Le Petit Trou.

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