Weightless ~ Le Mystѐre Essential Bra

November 21, 2014


We went snorkeling yesterday at Chileno Bay.  Daily, tourist groups are brought there to explore the reefs for which this cove is known.  Here in the southern Baha, the ocean is very clear near the shore.  Floating face down in these warm Mexican waters is somewhat of a transcendent experience.  Beneath the surface, the sunlight creates an undulating translucence simulating a 3D movie. The fish, each a unique color and shape seem comfortable, moving with ease through the water inches from our imposing forms.  Secure with technically adept breathing gear we wait until the fleet of orange life jacketed swimmers departs and then we imbibe.  A weightless world waits.


You might think it strange that I would compare Le Mystѐre’s new Essential Spacer bra to my snorkeling expedition, but it was the lingerie that I thought about sitting on the beach and contemplating this blog.  After all, spacer fabric is actually a 3D fabric that facilitates airflow, breath-ability and lightweight shape and support.  This style, constructed from a new development of spacer, Perfect Rebound, elevates the t-shirt bra to a heightened level of airy softness while keeping it crush and crease free.  Engineered to insure a buoyant fit (30-40, C-G cups), this bra shapes the breast naturally and is designed to guarantee the Le Mystѐre signature of comfortable value.  Contentment waits.

“I  Pretend That I Am Weightless And In This Moment I Am Happy” ~Incubus




Small But Mighty ~ Lula Lu Petite Lingerie

November 18, 2014


Today there are 3 cruise ships anchored in the harbor. I can see them from my hillside deck, miniature behemoths besieging the seascape.  Close up and beachside, the scope of even one of these multi-deck ships belies the imagination. They used to bother me, invading the romance of the Cabo shoreline and distorting the aquatic view.  But now I understand how important they are to the economic infrastructure of this Mexican town.  The throngs of passengers descending the pier buying trinkets peddled dockside provide critical income to the people here.  Yet, given a choice, I prefer the cultural input of the seaworthy panga, the fishing boat that reflects the maritime lifestyle of the Baha Sur promising an affinity with the sea not possible in a floating hotel. Small in stature, the panga is a surprisingly sound, lightweight and in my opinion, simpatico with the allure of the Mexican mystique.  Plus, its size never betrays its purpose; to serve its master with comfort and ease.


The contrast I see between the giant ships maneuvering for space in the bay to the tiny pangas skirting their bows as they head for the open sea is striking. It reminds me of how so much attention has been directed lately to the curvy/plus business while another woman’s lingerie needs have been overlooked.  Searching for an alternative fit, the petite customer has finally been addressed by Lula Lu, a niche brand serving 32-38, A-AAA cups. Understanding the essence of this woman’s desire to feel as body worthy under her clothes as her buxom peers, Lula Lu has built a collection of basic bras that provide the petite lady with lingerie engineered for coverage, comfort and style.  These simple essentials: wireless, strapless racer backs and more are gaining momentum daily proving that the small busted consumer is bigger than you might think.

“Everybody Pulls For David, Nobody Roots For Goliath” ~Wilt Chamberlain




Retailer Highlight ~ Lion’s Lair Boutique

November 17, 2014



Located in the Florida Keys, in the heart of Islamorada, is a specialty store with an international following. Established in 1996, Lion’s Lair Boutique has become paradise for the well-endowed and hard to fit woman. Specializing in larger cup sizes and plus sizes, Lion’s Lair offers one of the largest selection of cup sized swimwear, lingerie and clothing in the United States, quite possibly the world. Click Her to Read More



Color Me Glad ~ Fleur’t With Me

November 14, 2014


One of the real pleasures I always have when I come home to Cabo San Lucas is my garden. Planting it a year ago was a labor of love. In this small space in which most of my neighbors have placed a small pool and patio surface, I opted for an explosion of flowers, particularly a mélange of bougainvillea whose lush hues surround all the backyard walls. I can lie in bed and see them from every angle, hot colors under ocean blue skies. Too bad that the hurricane sheared every bud from every bush and severed every palm tree. Lucky for me that the roots are intact and time will replenish the view.  Every day, I search for a hint of color edging through the dark green shrubs. It’s an exercise in hope.


In the meantime, I am getting my fix with the Fleur’t With Me Lacy Dainties available in a plethora of shades such as magenta, deep-ultra marine, ocean and more. It’s very satisfying to see this built up half camisole and matching cheeky panty rounding its third successful season in this essentials collection from the younger sister of the venerable Fleur’t brand. Available in S-XL, this set is priced to accommodate a budding pocketbook.  In full bloom or peeking through a more subdued layer of ready-to-wear, this lingerie promises to deliver a palette of fun and pleasure

 “You Can Cut All The Flowers But You Cannot Keep Spring From Coming” ~Pablo Neruda


New Bra Wearing Market Ignored by Industry

November 12, 2014


Two years ago this week, Elisabeth Dale wrote a blog on our Breast Briefs column titled What Happens When Men Develop Breasts?  Since that time Lingerie Briefs has received more emails and comments generated by men about this subject than any other topic covered on this site. Still, to this day, it is the most read blog, without exception, in our literary stable. Stats don’t lie; they inform. There is a trend emerging in the Bra market that should be addressed and could mean real profits for a savvy entrepreneur. Maybe a new type of bra needs developing with a new kind of message. I asked Elisabeth to explore the phenomenon further, because frankly, my readers, particularly some men, seem hungry for recognition on this critical topic. Read her Breast Briefs Column “Men Who Wear Bras; An Under Served Market”



Creative Engineering ~ Curvy Couture

November 11, 2014


I have crossed some spectacular bridges in my life, but none quite as unique as the historic Brooklyn Bridge. Its hybrid cable stayed suspension construction sets it apart from its counterparts creating a magnificent display of wires that lift the eye upward. At the time it was built, it was the longest suspension bridge in the world, engineered with an open truss system reinforcing it to six times the strength of any other in existence. An architectural phenomenon at its unveiling, it brought together two robust metropolises improving the New York City dynamic. Despite all the innovations in bridge structure, the Brooklyn Bridge still stands in its original format.


To compare a piece of lingerie to a monolith such as the Brooklyn Bridge might sound a bit far-fetched to you, but in my opinion that is exactly the perfect metaphor for the Curvy Couture Multi-Way Strapless Bra. Curvy Couture is a 20 year old company whose well known expertise in plus size foundations development has enabled it to engineer a strapless style capable of supporting 34-44, C-H cups. The detailed attention to technical design keeps this bra in place while assuring lift and the 5 different strap options (one of which is pictured here) separate it from its peers positioning it as a multi-use convertible bra as well. But it is the delicate floral mesh overlay and graceful shape that transforms it from a basic contour to a fashionable alternative, that sets it apart.  I expect that the instant success of this bra is indicative of a long future for this beautifully designed style.

“I Like Engineering, But I Love The Creative Input” ~John Dykstra




Break The Mold ~ Elila Soft Cup Bras

November 7, 2014


When we were children, my grandmother would travel east from Ohio to visit us in NY staying several weeks in my brother’s bedroom. He moved in with me next door and both of us shared the bathroom with Sylvia. One of our favorite pastimes was to peak into the shower where her lingerie was hanging to dry.  We would count the rows of hooks on her bra; 16 if I recall.  This was very funny to us at the time; perhaps because we were under the age of 10.  Her “bra” was huge, a “corset” that functioned like an ace bandage. Perhaps had I known I would inherit some of her genes, I would have been more forgiving.  A selection of fit choices for women sized outside the fashion mold was not an option in her day.


Thankfully the Lingerie industry has come a long way, but only in recent years have they recognized that very large breasted women have a right to feel completely supported in their bras.  One company that takes this mission to a whole new level is Elila. I first recognized this brand last spring, fascinated by the bra design pedigree of its founder, Ellen Jacobson. Flying under the radar for the past 10 years, Ellen’s expertise in fit for a fuller woman has placed Elila front and center of this critical category. Dedicated to the brand niche, styles range in sizes 34-54 bands and B-N cups. This time it’s the new no wire Leopard Lace Jacquard soft cup style (1203) that caught my attention. No wire construction for 34-50, DD-K cups? How? It is engineered with every requisite technical detail and yet, it is not my grandmother’s bra. It only has 3 rows of hooks.

“Why Fit In When You Were Born To Stand Out” ~Dr. Seuss


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