Artist’s Vision ~ Layneau Boudoir Wear

July 21, 2017

My daughter Kate never intended to become a figure skating coach. She attended top academic colleges in the Northeast, eventually receiving her MFA (Master of Fine Arts). Her dream was a career in art. Skating was her passion. But life happens and a melting job market led her to an ice rink.  She stayed because she’s good at it, despite the fact that some question the purpose of her academic pursuit. But I beg to differ. Her exposure to and absorption in the art world has informed her teaching style and melded seamlessly into the work she creates. With this installation (Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art) she traces an original figure on an icy canvas while she, herself, glides seamlessly across its surface. The level of technical skill required is hidden by the elegance of movement across the arena. This piece pays homage to female stamina and grace

Layneau Lingerie on Lingerie Briefs

When I first saw the Layneau Collection in Paris several years ago, I knew I was looking at a piece of art. The attention of this brand to complex sewing details is exemplary. The intricate lace appliqué placement reveals a well-schooled grasp of the foundation of lingerie design. Brand owner and creator, Kaaren Bedi’s background in costume, bridal and jewelry design is unmistakable. Although her work is expensive at retail, it is priceless as an art form. One might consider it 360 degree luxury. Leaver’s lace is strategically placed on 19mm silk charmeuse. The fabric floats over the torso forming glamorous intimate sculptures worthy of any boudoir gallery. Recognized by photographers, respected fashion magazines and celebrities, Layneau celebrates the woman as subject, not an object in the story of her life.

Layneau lingerie detail on Lingerie Briefs

“My Last Word Is That All Depends On What You Visualize” ~Ansel Adams




Swim Briefs ~ Jolidon Previews Spring/Summer 2018

July 18, 2017

Jolidon Swim on Lingerie Briefs

This 25 year old Romanian company, a global Lingerie and Swimwear force has only recently dipped its toes into the North American market. Well known in the industry for its excellent quality, beautiful fabrics and premium trims, the swim collections have expanded from the tried and true Jolidon assortments to include new channels Cruise, Clandestine and Joliform. And of course, there is Prelude; in case you want a bit of Sworovski blinging your bathing suit. READ and SEE more here…..



Fashion Illustrations ~ Summer Whites

July 17, 2017

Tin Wilson illustrates Deborah Marquit bras on Lingerie Briefs

This week. Tina’s blog discusses and illustrates the impact of summer fashion on the Lingerie Industry. The increase in bare shoulders and bare backs along with the preponderance of white apparel creates a gorgeous backdrop for elegant intimates that are not afraid to be seen. READ and SEE more here



Leading Strings ~ Marlies Dekkers

July 14, 2017

Leading Strings bra & Panty by Marlies Dekkers on Lingerie Briefs

The NY Spring 18 Lingerie Market is imminent. We are currently enmeshed in industry trade shows:  Mode City, Miami Swim, Curve just to name a few. I go to the shows with great expectations. Are there any creative product ideas with real potential momentum? Usually they emerge from entrepreneurial visionaries: women like Marlies Dekkers. Some years ago, Marlies brought strappy lingerie to the mainstream, by taking a then radical design idea and refining it. She elevated the use of straps from a bondage statement to a new perspective: feminine liberation. Using subtlety to deliver the message, her brand became synonymous with tasteful everyday sensuality.  The Dame de Paris bra was a priority piece (still is) in shop inventories that needed fashionable styles that actually sold. And, like any product that hits a retail nerve, this concept, which birthed a fashion trend, was exploited ferociously. I know that strappy lingerie is now part of the intimates design lexicon, but frankly, I think it’s been pushed to the edge.

Leading Strings bra & Panty by Marlies Dekkers on Lingerie Briefs

I still believe that the original concept, brought to the forefront by Marlies Dekkers, remains first in class; but I am a bit tired of all the wanna-bes.  When I saw Marlie’s newest iteration, Leading Strings, I realized that her original design still had staying power. The increased height of the signature straps as well as the wider shoulder straps add additional lift fitting 32-40, B-F cups.  This expands its appeal to a larger group of women remaining daring yet understated. The difference here is that these pieces, in everyday black and summer white are sophisticated styles that do not distract but rather “frame your beauty”.

“I Love Women Who Give Convention the Middle Finger,
Especially When They Do So In a Creative, Elegant Way” ~Mira Nair





Oh Là Là Chéri Launches Kaviar Premium Lingerie Collection

July 12, 2017

Oh La La Cheri on Lingerie Briefs

We are pleased to welcome our newest Spotlight Partner, Oh La La Cheri. With the launch of their new Kaviar Premium Collection, this 10 year old brand continues its foray into new lingerie channels. Oh La La Cheri carries on its mission to design for women of all sizes who desire sexy lingerie just because they want it for themselves. SEE and READ more here



Innovation Can Change Everything ~ Giapenta Intimates

July 11, 2017

Tobin our Pitbull mix on Lingerie Briefs

Last weekend, I invited my son and daughter-in-law to a barbecue at our Connecticut house. I also invited Tobin, their 50lb pit bull mix. Problem: they live in Brooklyn, use only public transportation and worry, as most childless couples do, about leaving their dog alone. Adding to the conundrum, the New York metro system recently banned animals not fitting into a tote bag from traveling on subways, buses and commuter trains. However, intrepid New Yorkers known for creative innovation have found a solution: bigger bags for bigger dogs. And so, problem solved. Maybe Tobin wasn’t thrilled, but they arrived, intact and we all had a great July 4th

Giapenta bodysuits on Lingerie Briefs

You might be wondering what a picture of my son’s dog, Tobin, zipped inside a canvas bag has to do with the new luxury lingerie brand, GIAPENTA; but I think the correlation is right on point. Whether one is pioneering a cultural trend or creating technology that is a potential game changer for the Intimates industry, innovation remains the byline. GIAPENTA founder, Kris Strouthopoulos, has used her years of experience working with temperature balancing fabrics in in the luxury bedding industry to develop an exclusive and high performance fabric, TempPro™. This technology, embedded in the material, pulls heat from the body and puts it back when necessary. Keeping a balance between warm and cold without the presence of any moisture enables the incorporation of this process in delicate garments worn close to the skin.

Giapenta x back bra and panty with Temp Pro on Lingerie Briefs

This collection of bras, panties, camis and bodysuits has received continued validation by women who have tested and bought it. Besides being beautifully designed, the intense amount of fit and fashion R & D completed before the launch and the highly respected manufacturing facilities producing the merchandise are an excellent indicator that this company understands what developing functional fashionable product requires. The styles shown here are already best-sellers.

Every Once in a While, a New Technology, an Old Problem,
and a Big Idea Turn Into an Innovation”  ~Dean Kamen



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