Cake® Maternity ~ Breastfeeding Freedom

December 9, 2016

Horses at Cuadra San Francisco in Cabo San Lucas

This is Cuadalquiver, the colt born two days ago at Cuadra San Francisco where I ride in Cabo. Pictured here with his mom, he spends most of his day glued to her side nursing. I was telling my friend Elisabeth Dale, who is visiting me for a few days, how in awe everyone is at the site of this baby horse bonding with his 1000 pound mother. Elisabeth got me thinking about how crazy it is that animals acting naturally are viewed as a miracle, but women breastfeeding in public is such a bone of contention. Elisabeth is a fellow blogger; her platform, The Breast Life, tackles many issues confronting women as they struggle to make peace with their boobs. Even though we promised we wouldn’t talk about work, the nursing colloquy escalated. My poor husband was an unlikely bystander in this duologue.  This morning he reported that he had dreamed that I was helping him deliver a baby. It’s been 28 years since his last exposure to childbirth. We knew we had pushed him over the edge.

Black Sugar Candy bra from Cake Maternity on Lingerie Briefs

It has also been 28 years that I personally searched in vain for comfortable bras to transport me through pregnancy and its aftermath. So, I think it is serendipity that Keith Hyams, just sent me this image of Cake® Maternity’s newest launch, the Sugar Candy collection. This patent pending seamless wire free nursing bra is available in 5 sizes, XS – XL. Engineered with a revolutionary seamless technology and construction, this bra will fit 30-40 bands, G-L cups.  Designed exclusively for the fuller figure, the cups are molded for depth and projection without compression. Cake’s vision for this style will soon enable an extended size range to XXL or 46 bands. As pioneers in comfortable, functional and fashionable maternity and nursing bras, Cake has helped to re-define this category from its menial options of 28 years ago.  Now if they can only help take the stigma of breastfeeding out of the barn, perhaps women will be liberated from some of their current nursing challenges.

“My Opinion Is That Anyone Offended By Breastfeeding Is Staring Too Hard” ~David Allen




Stay Cozy ~ Ugg® Loungewear

December 6, 2016

Ugg sweaters and boots on Lingerie Briefs

This weekend the weather shifted in Cabo. I know my Northeast friends will not feel particularly sorry for me but, I am cold. My husband thinks I have become a true Mexican, so acclimated to the climate here that the first “winter” winds send me inside for a sweatshirt. But it’s not true. I am not appearing at the stable every morning, as my Mexican compadres are, in long-sleeves and Sherpa-lined vests. But I do admit that the beach is less of a draw despite the plethora of tourists imbibing in water activities and such.  I guess it explains the combination of bathing suits and ski jackets stacked on the tables in our local Costco.

Sophia and Selby Sweaters from Ugg loungewear on Lingerie Briefs

Personally, I wish I had my Ugg slippers and an Ugg bathrobe with me this season. These best-selling items, still a brand staple, have now led me to pursue their loungewear, an interesting crossover of easy separates perfect for cocooning and just as appropriate for a casual outing. Frankly, long before the athleisure trend, this type of crossover fashion was my ultimate comfort zone. Mixing and wrapping soft cozy fabrics from my RTW wardrobe is a true reflection of my fashion personality. No wonder Ugg’s collection of cottony sweaters and leggings hit a bulls-eye with me. This lounge niche is an excellent way to layer in business for any Lingerie store that moves beyond a bra-fitting identity. These pieces, XS – XL, are quintessential examples of the relaxed design that defines the Ugg DNA: bateau necklines, drop shoulders, cropped hemlines, ribbed and tuck stitching details and stony neutral colors. Whether for my 50 degree Cabo nights or paired with boots, jackets and gloves, winter doesn’t have a prayer anywhere.

“A Woman Is Never Sexier Than When She Is Comfortable In Her Clothes” ~Vera Wang




Gallery ~ Etam Spring / Summer 2017 Runway

December 5, 2016


Lingerie Runway shows are always provocative. This year French retailer Etam once again presented a showstopping spectacle during the September Paris Fashion Week. Alison sharessome of the most spectacular images in this week’s Gallery. READ and SEE more



How Perfect ~ Wacoal®

December 2, 2016

Ellen in desert in Cabo San LucasThe other day, while taking a walk in the desert, I had to stop twice. I wasn’t tired. I felt something in my shoe, sat down, took off my sneaker and shook it out. For good measure, I wiped the bottom of my sock. I started out again only to find myself still bothered by some small intrusion nagging my foot. This time, I took off my sock, turned it inside out, examined it closely and attempted to pick off any minuscule bit that might have been the culprit. Truthfully, I was guessing; I couldn’t really see a thing. It must have been a grain of sand, finally dislodged, because, life was good again.

This got me thinking about the Hans Christian Anderson fairy-tale, The Princess and the Pea. In this fable, the princess could not sleep despite the presence of 20 mattresses and 20 featherbeds. It was a test of physical sensitivity, and became a parable denoting a search for perfection. Foot dilemma resolved, I realized that the same allegory applied to my bra. Here I was, oblivious to any of my usual bra annoyance (an oft noted issue of woman of a certain size). I attributed this to wearing Wacoal’s new Full Figure Wire-Free design. This style, part of the How Perfect Collection, fits 34-42, C-G, extending the size range from the basic soft cup version available in 30-38, B-DDD. Further research has taught me that the phenomenon of feeling lifted and supported without the constraint of underwires has ignited a consumer love affair. Perhaps it’s the lightly brushed fabric engineered with Wacoal’s signature expertise that enables the collection’s retail success. In any case, customer’s reviews affirm that freedom from irritation is a requisite for a comfortable experience.  Contentment reigns.

How Perfect Wirefree bra by Wacoal on Lingerie Briefs

“It Isn’t The Mountain Ahead That Wears You Out; It’s The Grain Of Sand In Your Shoe” ~Robert W.Service




Discussion: Why Do Some Bras Cost So Much ~ An Audio Brief

December 1, 2016


This month Deedee Crosland and I decided to chat about why some bras cost so much. Sharing our expertise with The Lingerie Stories, we are continuing our this month’s insights into the world of lingerie.

Listen to the interview with Ellen about “Why Some Bras Cost So Much”  click below…


hrd-4-1400With more than 2 decades in the intimate apparel industry, Deedee Crosland has worked with global brands such as; Calvin Klein, Warners, Olga, Lejaby, Paul Frank, Yummie by Heather Thomson, Christine Silk, Simone Perele, Nina Ricci, Bedhead Pajamas, Knixwear and Fortnight. Throughout that time, her hats worn were as a – merchandiser, stylist, creative marketer, retailer, buyer, wholesaler and owner of deedeeandco. Deedee’s love and knowledge of lingerie, her passion for storytelling and connecting with people through podcasts and video lead to the creation of The Lingerie Stories.


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