An English Country Wedding ~ Fleur of England

May 27, 2016

Fleur of England Allure Bodysuit on Lingerie Briefs

I was only 20 years old when my sister was married at the Carlyle Hotel in Manhattan, but the litany of details that earmarked the occasion absolutely drove me crazy at the time. The piѐce de resistance was when my mother asked me to pick up the monogrammed dinner mints the day before. Upon opening the box, two of them were smudged and I was commissioned to return to the store to have them re-done. My mother’s middle name was perfection. I made up my mind, then and there that I was not dealing with this trivia if I ever chose to marry. Having just returned from a summer in Oxford, I decided that my wedding would emulate an English country garden where carefully curated flower beds reflected an elegant, yet freestyle attitude. . . . . . READ MORE



Retailing Art ~ Hanro of Switzerland

May 24, 2016

Way back in olden times when I was in high school, the art department put on an annual stage show followed by an exhibition of the students’ work in the gymnasium. One year, an entire wall was filled with fashion illustrations, so charismatic that the audience was stunned. The work was an elegant rendition of the female form, never deviating from the acknowledgement of a woman’s curves. The artist would go on to become a world famous fashion designer. Her name was Donna Karan.  It was at that show that I began my recognition of the symbiotic relationship between art, design and profit. As I started a career in merchandising, it became obvious to me that this synthesis was a brilliant method to realize sales. The retailers that recognize how visual impact affects the consumer are always ahead of the game.

So, it was with great expectation that I learned that Hanro of Switzerland would be unveiling a mural painted by renowned fashion illustrator Izak Zenou at the opening in May of their flagship store in New York City’s meatpacking district. Zenou’s work embodies the entire Hanro mission: feminine simplicity, elegantly executed with an ethereal hand. Painted directly on the walls it integrates seamlessly with the Hanro merchandise, raising the environment to a gallery of sophisticated and enchanting product. The artist has indelibly planted his signature on these walls consequently, becoming part of Hanro’s public art campaign. In my opinion, the merging of art and retail is where the most provocative and profitable brick and mortar future resides. It creates a visceral experience that is impossible to duplicate on line.

“The Color Of Your Eyes, The Smell Of Your Hair. I Try To Draw You In My Mind. . . “
~Izak Zenou


The Time Is Right ~ Saxx Underwear

May 20, 2016

Saxx Underwear Co. on Lingerie Briefs

We are one month away from Father’s Day and even though I planned to post this blog closer to the mark, I am chomping at the bit to get this message out. I’ve been watching the men’s underwear market from a distance for several years now trying to figure out the best positioning for a commodity that has retail potential in a woman’s lingerie store; after all, most men’s clothes are purchased by women.  But OTB $ are tighter than ever and it takes an investment to launch an entire classification successfully. Nonetheless, I can’t ignore the Saxx Underwear Co. and its success story. If any new category is going to break the barriers of this feminine sanctuary, it will surely be Saxx’s patented mesh panel underwear, created by an athlete and a die-hard outdoors-man

Saxx Underwear for men on Lingerie Briefs

When I first saw this revolutionary product at Curve two years ago, I was intrigued, mostly by what seemed a somewhat strange mechanical display of how the garment functioned.  But there Saxx was, show after show, ensconced in the midst of an ocean of women’s intimates, consistently busy. I decided to dive deeper and what I have discovered is a pioneer in a commodity industry that has become one of the fastest growing men’s underwear brands in North America. SAXX-technical image on Lingerie BriefsBy engineering a product geared to the way a man is built, they have created a wholly new article. The innovative mesh panels form a comfort pouch that “keeps everything in place, preventing unwanted friction and movement to reduce chafe and allow contact-free support”

Here’s why I believe this is a perfect merchandising bonanza for a savvy retailer: My husband is the quintessential blue jean, plaid shirt, boxer and boot guy. When I showed him the Saxx sample, he would not wear them because “I need a fly front”. We are not talking about a guy into trends. But conversely, he has an excellent eye for quality so he decided, based on the incredibly supple fabric, to wear them to the gym. In one wearing, he was hooked. Now, he wears them exclusively during his daily exercise routine and will not agree to a substitute. Just like a woman’s sports bra, he claims they are an essential element in his workout wardrobe. If I were not in Cabo right now (can’t find them here), I know what I would give him for Father’s Day this year.

“Life Is Abut Timing”  ~Carl Lewis

Saxx Underwear for Men on Lingerie BriefsAvailable At:

Sol Store of Lingerie: Denver, CO

Lulu’s Nouvelle: Manhattan Beach, CA

Petticoat Fair Intimate Apparel: Austin, TX

Bra Te Da: Abilene, TX

Rigby and Peller: Atlanta, GA

Bits of Lace Fine Lingerie: Mt Pleasant, SC

Trousseau Ltd: Vienna, VA

Lace and Day:  Buffalo, NY

Kate & Lace Lingerie and Swim: Westlake Village, CA

Les Boudoirs Boutique: Agoura Hills, CA





Worth The Wait ~ Panache Black

May 17, 2016

Panache Black Quinn Balconet 9241_Brazilian Brief 9242Today we went to the INM office in Cabo San Lucas to drop off our Immigration application for permanent residency. After 4 return trips plus two stops at the bank, we might almost be at the finish line. I would like to say that everything is easy in Mexico, but nothing here is black and white. The only difference when dealing with government agencies is that after living here a while, it’s so par for the course, it actually doesn’t bother you. You just have to plan for it, like traffic to the beach on New York’s Long Island Expressway.  In Mexico, patience is the key to happiness.

Contemplating the theory of black and white reality, I came across this photo from Panache’s spring 2016 debut Black collection.  There is nothing quite like black and white photography to tell the essence of a subject’s story and this image of the Quinn balconnet bra and panty set eloquently translates the brand’s mission to provide luxury and sophistication to a consumer base often denied access because of their body shape. Fashioned with French designed lace, this 4 part bra is engineered to support average, full and pendulous breasts, sizes 30-38, D-K cups (USA).  Never quite visible in the creative expression captured by the campaign photos is the arduous detail hidden in the architecture of a well-made bra designated for a full busted woman. Panache has spent a great deal of time orchestrating the Black launch, and their diligence has paid off.  I am sure the wait will prove worthwhile.

“Have Patience. All Things Are Difficult Before They Become Easy.” ~Saadi





In The Gallery ~ Camille Roucher Paris

May 16, 2016


This week Alison Connolly introduces the artistic hand of French born designer Camille Roucher. Her work showcases her extraordinary hand as she combines precious trims with lace forming a unique statement worthy of any lingerie gallery. READ MORE


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