Live From New York ~ Curvexpo Day 2

August 5, 2015


Today’s take away from the Lingerie Fair was all about delicacy. Light as air laces with transparent grounds give way to ultra sheer garments. They are a gourmet treat; a feast for discerning eyes anxious to see precious lingerie design once again in Intimates. It was all capped by a delicious dinner hosted by Lingerie Francais at Ladureé in Soho. Of course the French pastries and world renown macaroons in gorgeous pastel shades did much to inspire my desire to highlight this exquisite spring 2016 trend.

UntitledCommando and Jane Woolrich

Untitled1Muse Intimates and Salua Lingerie




Live From New York ~ Curvexpo Day One

August 2, 2015

It was gorgeous in NY today, perfect summer weather and possibly why the first day of the Curvexpo show was so refreshing. Some key stories reinforced my journey to Paris last month for Mode City and Interfiliere: Blue matters, Watercolor Florals rule and Plus Sizes are important.

montelleMontelle Intimates

naked princessNaked Princess






Featured Writer ~ Kimberly Berger

July 31, 2015

BadgleyMischkaI want to thank Kimberly Berger, owner of the Lions Lair in Islamorada, Florida for her in depth trend analysis of the Miami 2016 Swimwear Show, that took place July 18 – 21. Kim’s insight is particularly relevant because her robust swimwear business has expanded to include lingerie. The similarities (and differences) between these two profit centers has only added to her success. Of course her review is based on the 59 brands that she shops for her clientele, but given her expertise, her point of view is very on point. She only ratified the trends I saw in Paris, and I have no doubt about the impact they will have (and are having) on lingerie design. Click here to read more



Pretty As A Peacock ~ Bedhead Pajamas

July 28, 2015

bedhead detail 1I had an interesting take I planned to use today in my blog about Bedhead Pajamas. It was all about how their prints never fail to conjure a memory of some meaningful moment. This is, in fact, exactly what occurred when I looked at the Royal Peacock cotton sateen pjs delivering this Fall. I recalled my visit to the Bronx Zoo last year with my toddler grandson. We were on our way to the monorail when a peacock, free ranging on the lawn, opened his tail in all its blue/green and golden splendor. Subsequently, I learned that peacocks are the only animal at the zoo allowed total freedom. They are not caged and wander the multiple acres of this urban park comfortably among the crowds. Much to my surprise, I discovered that they are very acclimated to the climate in the Northeast and can negotiate its vicissitudes with ease. This was a big plus for us as the peacocks were totally ok with a 2 year old at close range. Being the same height helped too.


braI think this Bedhead PJ spoke to me because peacocks and their feathers have been on my radar, not only because of my family zoo memories but also because I am intrigued by the number of likes I have accumulated lately on Pinterest for this unusually evocative peacock feather bra. I am sure the eccentricity contributes to the allure, but clearly the brilliant colors elicit a visual dynamic to which people are drawn. The silky soft touch combined with the rich pigments have a visceral impact, difficult to articulate but easy to feel. Perhaps that is why this Royal Peacock pattern in Bedhead’s classic cotton sateen fall pajama collection  is such a bestseller. Available in XS-XL, it is still the perfect year-round sleepwear for roaming freely around the house.

“Be A Peacock In A World Full Of Ducks” ~Pinterest


Eye Candy ~ Linda Hartman Intimates

July 24, 2015


When I was a kid, one of my favorite TV shows was Zorro. We’d sit in my parent’s bedroom around the little black and white set in anticipation of the masked man’s next adventure. In later years, when the movie was produced in hi-definition full color (The Mask of Zorro), nostalgia got the best of me. Watching Antonio Banderas in action didn’t hurt either. But, it was Elena, his feisty wife, played by the sexy, exotic Catherine Zeta-Jones whose character stole the screen. Raised to behave with lady like behavior, her  feisty performance ratified the definition of feminine power: intelligent, unafraid, and seductive. The mask was a double entendre: who was really in charge?


Woman love eyemasks. They are an intimate accessory connoting secrecy and seduction simultaneously. Linda Hartman Intimates  has managed to rally behind this best-selling lingerie category with their Bedroom Eyes double sided silk sleepmask collection. Serious or tongue in cheek, they are great gift items and a definite add on sale. Meant to be worn for a variety of reasons, the message is in each woman’s hands. It’s really up to her.

“We Understand How Dangerous A Mask Can Be. We All Become What We Pretend To Be” ~Patrick Rothfuss




Form and Finesse ~ Fleur’t Lingerie

July 21, 2015


My daughter Kate recently introduced me to the art of Tara Donovan.  As I am often confused by the current art world, Donovan’s work is a refreshing alternative to what I consider convoluted statements of basic form. Donovan avoids this, transforming fundamental materials into contemporary masterpieces. Her sculptures, many of them installations that must be rebuilt for each show, approach classic minimalism, repeats it and re-informs it with a modern twist. I admire her vision: creating visual intelligence that asks to be experienced.


Donovan’s context reminds me of owner Nancy Yoo’s design intent in the creation of the Fleur’t brand. Nancy works with everyday lingerie fabrics to develop a classic product with a very sophisticated vibe. Using her signature rayon knit, chic and subtle color palettes, and astute application of lace, she constructs essential  pieces sensually draped to fit a wide range of women. Improvising on tried and true shapes by applying her relentless attention to detail, she is always renovating styles with a new perspective. No wonder Fleur’t has become a mainstay of boutique businesses across North America.

“I Invent Nothing, I Rediscover” ~Auguste Rodin




Pure and Simple ~ Naked Underwear

July 17, 2015


When I was 16 years old, I spent a summer in France: the goal of which was to learn to speak French. But the summer gifted me with much more than language skills. It introduced me to a culture whose respect for the female body was clear in the underpinnings of their art as well as their style. It spoke of a casual elegance and it informed my perception of feminism. I purchased a photography book entitled “La Femme”,a collection of naked bodyscapes that revered a woman’s curves elevating them to an artform. These photos captured the elements of female anatomy with simple lines and soft lights. I still have that book and looking at it, the purity of composition renders them timeless.


Today, when my friend Carole Hochman invited me to see the new Naked women’s collection launching at Curve New York this August, these classic black and white images came to mind. This collaboration, on which Carole, as CEO, has worked for over a year, began with the renaissance of the men’s underwear line, an affordable luxury brand with its roots in Canada.  But it is the “Everyday Naked” intimates that have me personally very excited. In my never ending quest for the perfect panty, these styles fill a much sought after niche. Constructed in an incredibly soft, feather light cotton and spandex blend, they are comfortable basics that almost float on the body. Available in S-XL, they are just one element of Naked’s essentials.  Leveraging the quality fabrics and clarity of attitude in the menswear line, the women’s collection of loungewear and daywear is a testament to simplicity and functionality. It is very brave to launch a new brand in this market, but I think Carole has done it again. I will bet they endure, maybe as long, or longer, than my book. Contact:

Simplicity Is The Purest Form Of Sophistication” ~Leonardo Da Vinci

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