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October 25, 2016

Linda Success winning catch at the 2013 Bisbee Black and Blue in Los Cabos on Lingerie Briefs

This past Friday my husband and I were at the Cabo San Lucas Marina when the daily weigh in began for the richest sport fishing tournament in the world, the Bisbee Black and Blue. The overall purse stood at $3.5 million. I didn’t see the entire thing, though I heard the winning marlin was 537 lbs.  Fishing tends to be a male preoccupation or so it seems. It’s not to say that women don’t participate – in 2013 a woman claimed the jackpot with a 774 lb catch. However, I did not see any female anglers arrive on the schooners I witnessed coming in. There were 121 boats entered: the atmosphere, organized chaos. It was lots of fun to watch: beer, food, music, and mucho camaraderie.  Even though my husband loves to fish, I never really got it: the slow wait for the chance to capture one big prize. But I will admit the party on the docks was great entertainment. And it was exciting to watch as anything under 230 lbs was eliminated.

Saxx Mens Uderwear on Lingerie Briefs

This event got me thinking about men and their sport’s obsessions. Perhaps that is why this month’s partnership between Saxx Underwear Co. and the Movember Foundation, a charity whose mission is to raise awareness for men’s health and wellness, caught my attention. Saxx has developed Stache, a special print design whose sales profits will be donated in part to Movember. My interest was aroused for two reasons. First, Saxx was born from founder Trent Kitsch’s discomfort during an Alaskan fishing expedition in 2006. Second, Saxx is the first men’s fashion underwear that my husband, a longtime boring boxer wearer, has ever coveted. He raves about the comfort level, including the cool wicking waistband, ultra soft viscose fabric, the 9 panel flat seam fit and in particular, their signature Ballpark Pouch™ which reels in his privates without constraining them. He claims they are perfect for any exercise routine and now even wears them beyond the gym. And although, I doubt I will ever see him on a motorbike, I guarantee he has them on when he pursues his fishing passion here in Los Cabos.

“Fishing Is Not An Escape From Life, But Often A Deeper Immersion Into It. . .”
~Harry Middleton




The Gallery ~ Tatu Couture

October 24, 2016


This week Alison revels in the beauty of lingerie created by Tatu Couture, a British brand that understand how to drape the female body in body art. With Tatu, Alison continues her exploration for unique Indie brands deserving of retail recognition. READ and SEE more here.



Bridal Briefs ~ Pleasure State

October 23, 2016

So many decisions during the wedding planning process. Pleasure State collections prove that their are many  alternative choices.READ and SEE more 



Oh, What An Exquisite Web We Weave ~ Lise Charmel Lingerie

October 21, 2016

gossamer spider webs on Lingerie Briefs

Several weeks ago, even though I told them not to bother, Lise Charmel sent me a gorgeous bra from their number one best-selling collection, Dressing Floral. Frankly, I am beastly to fit; it is rare that a delicate looking bra could support me through one of my 12 hour work days. This style is so precious; it reminds me of an ethereal spider web. Like a web, it is difficult to account for its ability to trap and contain an insect’s weight, sometimes twice its size.  But I do know that the tensile weight of spider silk is greater than the same weight of steel and has much more elasticity. So, I tried it on, partly because they asked me to, partly because wearing a Lise Charmel design has been a fantasy of mine since I first became ensconced in the lingerie business and also because, frankly, it’s exquisite. The fine guipure applied to a gossamer mesh surface produces a tattoo effect embracing the breast. Still, I was not convinced on sustainability, much less enduring comfort. So, I gave it my grandma test, wearing it all day while playing with my grandson, who, by the way, I often refer to as my “little bug”.

Lise Charmel Guipure Charming Bra on Lingerie Briefs

I probably should have known better than to question the esteemed Lise Charmel atelier and their renowned reputation for excellence in bra engineering. The Dressing Floral collection is as strong as any spider web.  This was proven to me not only in the actual wear-test, but also when Sandra Jones, US Manager of the Lise Charmel Group, convinced me to run my fingernails over the cups attempting to snag the airy surface. Obviously, I did not succeed. Like any product worth its weight in gold, this bra, available in 30-44, A-H cups proves how beauty with technical aptitude can so easily control the beast.

“Poetry Is A Fresh Morning Spider-Web Telling A Story Of Moonlit Hours
Of Weaving And Waiting During A Night” ~Carl Sandburg




The Lingerie Stories ~ An Interview with Ellen Lewis

October 18, 2016

Deedee Crosland & Ellen Lewis Podcast Interview on Lingerie Briefs

Recently, I had the opportunity to chat with Deedee Crosland, owner and publisher of The Lingerie Stories, an inclusive digital community that explores the intimate apparel industry. This podcast is an interview she produced from our discussion revealing insight into my career and the industry of which I have been a part for the past 30 years. We at Lingerie Briefs are particularly excited by Deedee’s venture into this growing social community. In fact, this podcast is the first of many to follow as she begins her partnership with Lingerie Briefs to bring you more thought provoking subject matter in the world of intimate apparel. So stay tuned as we begin our journey with Deedee. And meanwhile, join the growing audience on The Lingerie Stories as she continues her mission to inspire and educate women and men on everything intimate apparel.

Listen to the interview with Ellen below…

hrd-4-1400With more than 2 decades in the intimate apparel industry, Deedee Crosland has worked with global brands such as; Calvin Klein, Warners, Olga, Lejaby, Paul Frank, Yummie by Heather Thomson, Christine Silk, Simone Perele, Nina Ricci, Bedhead Pajamas, Knixwear and Fortnight. Throughout that time, her hats worn were as a – merchandiser, stylist, creative marketer, retailer, buyer, wholesaler and owner of deedeeandco. Deedee’s love and knowledge of lingerie, her passion for storytelling and connecting with people through podcasts and video lead to the creation of The Lingerie Stories.


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