Gain Momentum ~ Anita Active

August 23, 2016

5529-Momentum Sports Bra by Anita on Lingerie BriefsIn the wake of the Olympics, I have been thinking a great deal about women and sports. Except for a period of time in my 30’s swimming laps before work, I really never had a propensity for sports.  I think this was generational. Girls weren’t on teams. They were cheerleaders. Yes, we witnessed women achieve extraordinary feats during the Olympics: Nadia Comaneci, Janet Evans, Florence Griffith Joyner, but these were phenoms, individually identified and trained to reach preternatural heights. By the time my daughters were born, things had changed, but personally, my peer group and those before me missed growing up exposed to the deep social and physical values inherent in sports participation. Better late than never, I took the leap at age 55 mounting a horse for the very first time and beginning a yoga practice that has stilled my life. Today, these activities are an integral part of my daily routine and I do not intend to stop.

How does this relate to Lingerie? It informs my wardrobe every day of the week. Sports bras, once the sole stake of sporting goods stores, are now a key inventory competitor in Intimate Apparel shops worldwide. What was once a pressure Band-Aid stifling a woman’s chest, has become a highly technical piece of sports equipment essential to excellence in performance. Fit is critical. This is why I feel compelled to highlight, Anita’s Momentum no wire hi-impact sports bra pictured here in the power red version delivering this September. One of the original designs leading the way in innovation for this explosive category, Momentum (5529) is so inclusive; it covers sizes 30-46, A-H. Constructed in a moisture wicking stretch microfiber with soft terry lined pre-shaped seamless cups and close set slip free straps, this wirefree bra is a serious workhorse. It’s an Olympic contender within its own playing field already striking gold by winning the coveted global design “Red Dot Award” in 2011.

“Excellence Always Sells” ~Earl Nightingale



In The Gallery ~ Madame Aime

August 22, 2016


This week Alison explores the unique French lingerie aesthetic so aptly captured in the collections of Madame Aime; luxury luxury intimates defined by a contemporary lifestyle . READ and SEE more here



The Scantilly Battle Cry ~ #TheNewSexy

August 19, 2016

Scantilly Lingerie The New SExy Campaign on Lingerie Briefs

I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook. When it launched during my son’s freshmen year in college, I found the concept intriguing. I am a huge proponent of communication as a tool. It opens many vistas, but then Facebook exploded. To me, it was teaching a whole generation the wrong definition of sharing long before they could possibly grasp the ramifications of over exposure on the internet.  But, like all things revolutionary, it didn’t take Facebook long to become mainstream and by default, the holy grail of the masses including businesses seeking followers. Guilty; I became a fan, particularly for a method of extending the reach of Lingerie Briefs. What amazed me were the advertising rules. We, a blog promoting elegance, good taste and female self-esteem garnered through the mystical and mechanical world of artful lingerie, were rejected multiple times for images deemed “not appropriate”.  Why? Because the sumptuous female body photographed in lingerie sensually and sometimes fiercely was thought to be offensive. When our images were rejected, we would pull back and post something else. Shame on us.

gracie-francesca in Scantilly Lingerie on Lingerie Briefs

So it is with great admiration, that I applaud Curvy Kate Lingerie.  When recently confronted with a similar response during the launch of their new Scantilly’s #TheNewSexyCampaign, Curvy Kate decided to push back. This is a brand that pays homage to a woman’s curves, sizes DD – HH cups, respecting her for her diversity, fearlessness and beauty.  The photos are a powerful salute to women from many walks of life. Apparently, Facebook did not agree. They banned the images; quite a conundrum for Curvy Kate, whose entire promotional strategy is embedded in social media. With the on-line support of their fans, Facebook surrendered. Curvy Kate’s actions reflect the DNA of the Scantilly brand, a tribute to female beauty in many forms. Coincidentally, we have not had any photos rejected in the past few weeks. The war may not be over, but the battle cry has been heard.

“So You’re A Little Weird? Work It! A Little Different? OWN It! . .  ”  ~Mandy Hale




Be Strong, Be Beautiful ~ Bluebella Lingerie

August 16, 2016

Be Strong Be Beautiful campaign from Bluebella Lingerie on Lingerie Briefs

I discovered a new brand at Curvexpo NY last week, mainly because Easton International now representing them in the USA, insisted I take a look. Thank goodness I usually listen to them. Bluebella, the UK based lingerie company founded in 2005 by Emily Bendell, represents everything we, at Lingerie Briefs, hope for in our quest to support women’s self-esteem. Girls deserve to compete on equal levels without ever compromising their feminine identity.  Finally, history is in the making as female voices are becoming more relevant in the making of historic moments.

Julianna and Angelina collections from Bluebella Lingerie on Lingerie Briefs

Bluebella is a celebration of strength and intimate artistry; the product is both seductive and empowering. Although this vision has been Emily’s mission since inception, it is particularly relevant this season as we watch the Olympic stage highlight female athletes whose dedication to sport has built their bodies into powerhouse performance machines. In its newest campaign, #BeStrongBeBeautiful, Bluebella strives to break the age old statistic in which girls discard sports involvement by age 13 in order to avoid seeming too “masculine”.

This lifestyle brand heralds a classic millennial message: sensual lingerie is worthy of display on a strong minded body. It is meant to be worn, seen and enjoyed. Winner of the UK Boudoir brand of the year (as well as several other awards), Bluebella is a fashion statement targeted at the Instagram generation.





Bridal Lingerie ~ Valentine NYC & Serène Intimates

August 15, 2016


This week our Gallery curator, Alison Connolly, has opted to showcase her newest design discoveries in our our Bridal Briefs column. The ephemeral beauty of both Valentine NYC Lingerie and Serène Intimates are this week’s subject matter. READ and SEE more here


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