Light As Air ~ HANRO Temptation Bra

May 29, 2015


Riding two or three times a week here in Mexico affords me an opportunity to meet so many interesting people, one of whom owns a very chic Italian clothing boutique in the Luxury Mall called Maliparmi. I knew the store before I met Rosanna because I bought a pair of sandals there that I thought were a steal at 250 pesos only to learn (after I wore them) that in fact, they were marked in dollars. I should have known by virtue of the store’s location. Oh well, lesson learned. Pay attention to detail all of the time. Hanging around the barn one day with Rosanna and a few other women, the subject of bras came up. The lack of choice there is here in Cabo when it concerns design quality and support was quite a conversation. Rosanna declared that in her opinion there were only two things on which a woman should never compromise, her brows and her bras. But alas, her lingerie ideal eluded her. Of course when you have a taut 34B shape, that is hard to believe; but she wanted a clean (untrimmed), light, smooth, bra that fit her torso without claiming it. So I told her about Hanro’s new Temptation spacer, a modern t-shirt bra from the brand that stakes the claim to understated luxury underwear. Holding it in my hands, I was particularly taken by the impression of translucency that this feather light tulle bra yields. Available 32-38, A-D, this Hanro bra would satisfy Rosanna’s desire for cool, weightless perfection. If only she could buy it in Cabo!

“I Am Convinced That There Can Be Luxury In Simplicity” ~Jil Sander





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