In Bloom’s Dynamics

June 2, 2015


Having a conversation last week with my daughter on what makes art truly art, we disagreed on a major point: Does a work need to be museum worthy to be recognized as Art? She (and I admit, sometimes I do too) believes that the commercial aspect of the field has re-directed the focus and the quality of what collectors value. I think that if a piece of work brings the viewer pleasure and initiates an emotional response, then what is the difference.  In the world of Intimate Apparel there are many aspects of design, but when it comes to marketability, feel good value is the true barometer.  After all we are in business to do business.


Every season I spend some time reviewing the print story I find at the In Bloom showroom.  This is a brand that has figured out what makes an item of sleepwear truly salable.  In Bloom’s  dynamic print stories are an orchestration of color, form, and pattern that transforms easy, wearable shapes into a visual concert. At great price points and available in S-XL, the collaboration of pattern and form sets them apart from the market competition. I always find value here. And based on the success of these collections, I think the customer agrees.

“Beauty Lies in The Eyes Of The Beholder” ~Plato




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