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June 16, 2015

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The Art Nouveau movement was unique. It’s influence permeated every aspect of contemporary culture in its day: architecture, jewelry, ceramics, sculpture, furniature, lighting, graphics; just to name a few. Combining flowing designs with organic forms and geometric contours, this prolific period changed the face of art history. Seeking to elevate decorative art to fine design, excellence in workmanship was a priority. It was a visual gamechanger and became the precursor of the Modern Art movement.

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The Dollhouse Bettie signature teddy is a perfect manifiestation of this critical era in Art History. Using a graphic lace that juxtaposes shadow stripes with gorgeous floral motifs, it integrates the fabric into an important lingerie shape, known as the modern bodysuit. It replicates the essence of Art Nouveau design. I have a special place in my Lingerie Gallery for Michelle Metens, visionary owner of this entrepreneurial brand. Not only is the company history a worthy business tale (Read More), but the innovative design direction speaks to my entire philosophy; that art should be a way of life. Her designs (as well as her store) are retro inspired but still very much contemporary intimate statements. The minute I saw this piece, I knew that it was another Dollhouse Bettie winner. 

“Fashion Is Not Something That Exists In Dresses Only. Fashion Is In The Sky, In The Street, Fashion Has To Do With Ideas, The Way We Live, What Is Happening” ~Coco Chanel




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