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HankyPanky_PLUS_1aLast week the Supreme Court finally showed its stuff and proved that our Constitution is really “of the people, by the people and for the people”.  I was beginning to wonder. In America, there is often dissidence, shocking opinions, troubled waters.  Yet, when bold moves are made to change the course of history, we can revel in the fact that this system still works. If you have traveled anywhere else in the world, you might understand that the diversity that often divides us is, in fact, the reason we are truly a democracy. I believe that the United States has a will totally misunderstood by many. Through time, this country hears its populace and the Majority Rules. In my opinion, it is rather serendipitous that Scotus passed the Same Sex Marriage Act and upheld Obama Care on the cusp of July 4.  I have always believed that it is the responsibility of the strong to embrace the disenfranchised. It is an investment in human dignity.

This week, in honor of our country’s birthday, I vote for Hanky Panky, whose allegiance to every woman’s right to sexy underwear, places them at the top of the Lingerie Bar. Holding steadfast to its founding principles, Hanky Panky has built its equity on listening to women whose essential lingerie needs are often ignored. Now the brand’s initiative into both plus and petite sizing breaks through the preconceived barriers that curvy and/or little women don’t deserve to make a statement with their intimate apparel. Using their signature lace thong (XXS-3X) as their development platform, they continue to forge a following in categories once considered fringe. Now a dominant part of the market mainstream, these volume drivers are one reason this venerable brand holds such weigh in the market today. It’s with great pride that they proclaim “Made in the USA”.

Diversity In The World Is A Basic Characteristic Of Human Society, And Also The Key Condition For A Lively And Dynamic World” ~Jinato Hu



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    Thanks for the love! Happy Independence Day!

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