A Love Story ~ Samantha Chang

Samantha Chang on Lingerie BriefsToday is Valentine’s Day, a universal tribute to love. For me, it has been celebrated in 3 stages: childhood, youth and as an adult. Most of the journey was about giving and getting: heart shaped cards on white doilies gave way to candy, flowers and more.  But it took 5 decades of living and 35 + years of marriage to finally define what a woman really loves; respect in the pursuit of individual passion. Devoting oneself to something uniquely fulfilling is the best gift of all.

I chose Samantha Chang’s Love Story robe to honor this holiday because the product itself tells Samantha’s personal love story. Her work reveals her understanding of the art of making lingerie. The precious details crafted with a loving needle are proof of her passion. As her studio expands, so does the appeal of the Samantha Chang brand to women worldwide. This print, a pink garden blooming effortlessly on 100% silk kimono and leavers lace draped over the silk Lola bra and panty set, perfectly capture Spring 2017 fashion trends.  They have become key items in the collection proving their retail viability.  Reinterpreted for several seasons, they satisfy lingerie lovers, gift givers and purveyors of feminine style.

“Where There Is Love And Inspiration, I Don’t Think You Can Go Wrong”
~Ella Fitzgerald


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