Two Sides to the Equation ~ Fleur’t & Fleur’t with Me Lingerie

Fleur’t & Fleur’t with Me

This weekend I will be crossing the perennial bridge between New York and my home in Cabo. The experience is always the same, no matter in which direction I am traveling.  Ensconced in my routine here in the northeast, I feel removed from my Mexican lifestyle. And even though it will be nice to escape the winter weather, it also means missing work events and leaving my kids. Shifting back and forth from two very distinct environments can be disruptive, but it’s a way of life I pursued.  Changing gears can also be very productive, providing insight and perspective; ultimately enabling growth.

Fleur’t & Fleur’t with Me

I have been mulling over this concept, as I often do when I am about to depart my current comfort zone. The process reminds me of the transition occurring right now with the Fleur’t and Fleur’t with Me brands. A realignment of company ownership (Montelle Intimates is now the sole proprietor) has allowed reorganization of the design and marketing structure and as a result, a clear new product direction for both labels. From my perspective, the creative platform connecting these two collections is that of East coast sophistication (Fleur’t) meeting West coast casual comfort (Fleur’t with Me). Both Fleur’t, reflecting its NY chic and Fleur’t with Me co-oping the California lifestyle, are the result of designer Laurence Béliveau’s youthful insight into a modern woman’s evolving needs. By creating distinct profiles for each brand, Laurence’s quest is to elevate retail interest to new levels. Judging from the non-stop traffic at their booth at Curve, I would say she has succeeded.

“There Is Nothing Like Returning to a Place That Remains Unaltered to
Find the Ways in Which You Yourself Have Altered”
~Nelson Mandela

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