Wear Happy ~ The Cat’s Pajamas

April 7, 2017

vintage Turner print on Lingerie Briefs

Around 35 years ago, right after my husband and I bought our first house at the beach, we purchased a print of pink flamingos standing in water. It had a mirrored frame. I, in my ignorance, thought it was a unique deco piece, very kitsch, very cool, and hopefully very valuable. Not too long after we hung it in a prominent spot, I was watching the movie “The Right Stuff” and saw the exact piece hanging on the wall of a motel room scene. Kind of a bummer learning that my discovery was a dime a dozen reproduction. But it didn’t stifle my affinity for pink flamingos. It’s a secret I have never really disclosed, particularly having now observed them as lawn ornaments sans discretion. But, I still have this “thing” about them and frankly, I wish I still owned it, especially here in Cabo.

Cats Pajamas on Lingerie Briefs

Recently, I found an alternative solution to my flamingo dilemma; The Cat’s Pajama’s pink flamingo capri PJ set. Cut in super luxe pima woven cotton, this style is an excellent example of the entire collection of whimsical prints that I discovered when re-visiting this 20 year old brand. Under new ownership for the past 2 years, this season they have expanded their collection to include a variety of high quality fabrics generously engineered into updated shapes fitting sizes XS – XL. At under $100 each, they are perfect gifts for any mother who appreciates a bit of caprice.

“Now. That’s The Cat’s Pajamas!” ~Thomas A. Dorgan

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