A Jewel in the Crown ~ Fleur of England Lingerie

Fleur of England AW 17 Muse Collection on Lingerie Briefs

Some years ago, after my first child was born, my husband gave me an exquisite piece of jewelry for Christmas: a cabochon ruby choker embraced by diamonds. This created a conundrum for me. Precious jewelry was not really my thing. I did not even want an engagement ring. But my grandmother had once told me that I must never return a gift from my husband, that each offering was a promise and we cannot break our promises. Heeding her advice, though I thought it a bit extravagant and somewhat ostentatious, I have quietly kept it for years, recently passing it on to my daughter for posterity. What I failed to grasp in those early days is that the value in these gems is in the beauty of the setting. It is the way the artisan manages the details to make a statement equal to the worth of the woman who wears it. It requires extraordinary skill to design elegance.

Fleur of England AW 17 Whiskey Collection on Lingerie Briefs

Like an elaborately crafted piece of fine jewelry, each Fleur of England piece is a collectible treasure. Mined from Fleur Turner’s sumptuous imagination, this brand is a detailed study of lingerie artistry. Never compromising technique or craftsmanship, Fleur’s use of bespoke embroideries, laces and rich fabrics frame an allegory of luxury that any woman might covet. A gift to oneself or by another, they are flawless lingerie gems worthy of heirloom status. No wonder this British brand is recognized as one of the crown jewels of intimate design.

Fleur of England Dare collection on Lingerie Briefs

“Elegance Is Timeless. It Withstands Trends”  Zac Posen



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