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As an art student, traveling through Italy, I was introduced to the genius of Michelangelo when I first saw the legendary statue of David at the Accademia in Florence.   In those days it was possible to get close to the sculpture, close enough to touch the marble. The vision of this historic icon carved in a hard polished stone brought me to tears, because the artist had managed to render every anatomical detail of the subject’s body so perfectly that I felt as if I was in the presence of something alive.  It was a transformational moment for me.  But  I did not fully grasp the concept of how individual vision applied to a basic material can result in a timeless masterpiece until I saw the unfinished studies displayed in an adjoining chamber.   Here, emerging from raw unpolished rock one could see how the artist’s simple chisel was able to shape the human form.  Hewn from earth’s most basic elements, a beautiful image surfaced. Witnessing this creative process, I understood the meaning of the Renaissance.

As Michelangelo revitalized art, so too can certain new developments give fresh energy to the Intimate Apparel Industry.  Functional fabrics are being manipulated by innovative design teams to create dynamic and beneficial products that women will pursue with fervor in their never ending quest for beauty.  Shapewear is being fashioned into a novel grooming tool.  That is why when I saw the iPant, recently introduced by Wacoal, a brand renowned for its thorough research, my interest was piqued.  This long-leg shaper is developed in a fabric that contains basic cosmetic elements such as vitamin E, ceramides, retinol and aloe vera, all essential to forming soft, firm and smooth skin.  But the revolutionary aspect of this construction is how this unique nylon microfiber material is embedded with caffeine capsules to fight cellulite and is incredibly comfortable to wear.   A product serving the dual purpose of creating a thinner image while actually slimming and tightening the body is the fantasy of every woman as she ages.  The iPant (809171), available in S – XXL, proffers the option to re-sculpt the torso allowing it to appear sexier.  Integrating cosmetics and lingerie to pioneer a ground breaking product promises a new dawn for the Lingerie Industry.


“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free”   …Michelangelo


Available At:

A La Mode: Annapolis, Maryland

Basics Underneath:  Mandeville, Louisiana

Bras That Fit:  Michigan Center, Michigan

Bust Stop:  Tulsa, Oklahoma

Barbara Graves:  Little Rock, Arkansas

Girlfriend’s.. the Bra Specialist: Peru, Illinois

Intimate Designs: Independence, Missouri

Kahn’s of Orchard Street:  Delray Beach, Florida

The Maddox Shop: Dallas, Texas

Necessities by Sherrie:  Snellville, Georgia

Bella Fine Lingerie: Williamsburg, Virginia

What She Buys:  Gabriel, California

Ruth’s:  Cranston, Rhode Island

Jezebel’s Boutique:  State College, Pennsylvania

Knickers of Hyde Park:  Cincinnati, Ohio

The Dain Shop:  Morristown, New Jersey

Blum’s Corset Shop:  Patchogue, New York


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  1. Merit Tukiainen says:

    Night & Day in Andover, MA has them on order. Should arrive late this week or early next. I’m starting a regimen once they’re here.

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