BRIEF ALERTS! Spicy Garden

This week’s Intimate Discovery: Courageous Brands at Salon De Lingerie

Britta Uschkamp

Kiss Me Deadly

Nothing wets the appetite for creative thought quite like the Spicy Garden section at  The Salon De Lingerie and I for one love navigating this pool of design innovation in search of individual statements and unique style ideas.  There are a whole fleet of entrepreneurs to discover and I did a full scale analysis of them all.  Loving many of them for different reasons, I have pinpointed Kiss Me Deadly from London  and Britta Uschkamp of Paris because I think they so well personify the dichotomy of inspiration percolating from this venue.  It is the opportunity to be wowed by gorgeous lingerie which excites me.   It makes the everyday more intriguing.

“To create one’s world in any of the arts takes courage”…..Georgia O’Keefe