BRIEF ALERT! Intima Magazine Scoops the Shapewear Revolution

This week’s Intimate DiscoverySeminar at Curve NY for Shapewear Aficionados

There is no doubt that shapewear has emerged as the category to watch in the Lingerie market.   Growing exponentially in concept and construction, it will not be ignored as it evolves into a classification worthy of supporting the infrastructure of an Intimate Apparel business.  Intima magazine highlights this phenomenon in their new issue to which I was proud to contribute my perspective in an article entitled: SHAPESHIFTING.  But for those of you on the inside of our industry, you can hear all about it at a seminar given by Francesca Spinetta, C.E.O. of Intima Magazine, at Curve NY on Tuesday, February 22, at 3PM.  Join me. I will be there with Francesca.


“The Object of Art is to Give Life a Shape” . . .William Shakespeare