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The recent Tsunami in Japan has made us all think about the fragility of life, the ability of a seemingly tranquil and universal substance to transform itself into a harbinger of wrath capable of destruction and despair beyond human comprehension.  Nature has managed to remind us of the power of water and its impact on our lives.  For me, the presence of water has informed many of my life’s decisions and I have always harbored a balance of love and fear for its authority.  I grew up on the East Coast, lived for 30 years one block from the Atlantic Ocean and spent countless summers vacationing on the pristine lakes in the Adirondack Mountains.   Swimming was a necessary course in the progression of my education, a way to respect the virtue of this universal element as an elixir of life and to pay homage to its succor and strength.  I decided as a young woman to engage its virtues in order to insure some modicum of control.  I began swimming laps 3 to 4 times a week at our local recreation center with a discipline bordering on addiction.  I was at that pool no matter the weather, often at 6:30 AM and half asleep, perched on the edge, staring down at the cold abyss looming before me.  All I focused on was the sensation I knew would come, 10 laps into my immersion, the peaceful, meditative flow that would release me into a complete state of pure and primal calm.  The essence of water; soft, giving and buoyant belies its ability to devour our existence.

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I wish that I had access to Reebok’s Sport Fashion Swim line during my days of swimming mania.  I could have avoided the faded, threadbare and stretched out bathing suits hanging to dry on my locker door.  Reebok, already recognized for quality athletic wear, have designed a unique collection of bathing suits targeted for every woman. Constructed for sport with an anti-odor, anti-bacterial Xtra-Life Lycra® fiber developed to resist the deteriorating effect of chlorine,  they are available in a multitude of colors and prints up to size 20.  The tummy control and surround support offered in Reebok’s Classic Side Shirred replenishment basic (55500), also provides lightweight anti-bounce shaping style worthy of any aquatic scene.  This is “must have” water wear.


“Water is the Driving Force of all Nature”  . . . Leonardo Da Vinci


Available At:

The Jerrie Shop: Rockville Center & Woodbury, New York

Betty Schwartz Intimate Boutique: Highland Park, Buffalo & Deerfield, Illinois

Molly Schwartz Intimate Apparel: Wilmette, Illinois

Kahn’s of Orchard Street Lingerie: Delray Beach, Florida

Sunny J’s Professional Bra and Swimwear: Plymouth, Michigan

Maui Clothing Company:  23 stores throughout Hawaii

The Four Seasons: Palm Springs, California

Everything But Water: USA & Puerto Rico

Brasmyth: catalog and online

As We Change: catalog and online




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