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Lately, I have been on a classic reading binge:  Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, and Frankenstein to name a few.  I am sure I read these tomes in school, but somehow, any memory of the virtues these books possess that have allowed them to remain relevant and even gain in popularity through the generations had escaped me.  Thus, my motivation to delve beneath the antique writing style to understand the essence of the author’s message.  These stories that seem so basic to everyday life – well possibly not Frankenstein- are really deep character studies whose seemingly simplistic details unearth human behavior so intense that they frame the entire underpinning of the plotline.  It does not matter if it is Jane’s quest for independence, Elizabeth’s struggle for dignity or Frankenstein’s battle with evil, each one of these tales demand attention for the quality of their simple infrastructure romanced in beautiful verse.

These august novels resound with the same subtle seduction of the 140 year old Swiss made Zimmerli brand.  The exquisite craftsmanship and superior components that define this elegant underwear collection elevate these styles to fashions capable of withstanding the pull of transient trends.  Combining the finest long staple mercerised cotton with a high twist finishing process, the Maude  Privé camisole (260-2186) and boy leg (260-2191) is constructed with no side seams in a sophisticated Ajouré rib.  Trimmed with a highly elastic French Calais Leavers lace, these styles are luxurious and exclusive undertreats worthy of longevity in any panty drawer.  They are a seductive and essential classic in the Zimmerli library: an apt companion piece for my next book, Madame Bovary.


“What Makes a Book a Classic is Its Quality of Always Being Modern”                                           . . . Lawrence Clark Powell



Available At:

Alla Prima:  San Francisco, California

Clare Swan:  Montecito, California

Allure: Santa Fe, New Mexico

KM Hudson:   Mashpee, Massachusetts

R. Derwin:   Litchfield, Connecticut

Top Notch:  Stowe, Vermont

Axels: Vail, Colorado

Barney’s:  New York, New York

Bra Smyth:  Madison, New York

Lingerie On Lex:  New York, New York

Peress Shops: New York , New York

La Petite Coquette: New York, New York

A.W. Kaufmann: New York, New York





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  1. Jessica says:

    I loved your post today! You listed some of my favorite books, especially Jane Eyre. Zimmerli… I haven’t heard of it but am definitely going to look into it!

  2. Miriam Mimms says:

    What great fun it is to read your take on lingerie with a literary twist! Your tie-ins bring new dimensionality to the marketplace. Lady, your erudition is only surpassed by your creativity!

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