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What makes a horse such an intoxicating animal is the combination of extreme sensitivity, majestic beauty and soft love.  This 1000 pound animal can feel the touch of a tiny insect, hear the sound of an acorn on a barn roof, smell an animal cloaked by trees and see the flicker of a tiny movement in the distance.  To ride a horse with grace, you must partner with his breath in a delicate dance.  Ears pinned back, tail lifted, head tossed, every subtle motion relays a detailed message.  That is why when I saw the Broadway sensation, War Horse a few weeks ago; I was literally blown away by this extraordinary production.  Michael Morpurgo’s 1982 story of the plight of 8 million horses during WWI is brought to life through the animation of charismatic  equine puppets, which are so full of personality, they actually have soul.  The talent of the puppeteers who manipulate these enchanting marionettes constructed with wood, mesh and steel, reflects the magnitude of perfection resulting from the performance of skilled professionals.  These moppets with quivering flanks, heaving chests, and twitching ears are transformed into sensual warm blooded creatures that steal the show.

Having watched this inventive theatrical phenomenon, I was reminded of Chantelle’s Icone Fashion Collection delivering for summer in Papillion.   This semi sheer design in a smoky color touched by gentle highlights is embroidered with a unique curvilinear pattern that recalls the transparent framework of the elegant puppets that dominated the Lincoln Center stage.  Just as the puppeteers’ master craftsmanship is a source of life for these  passive equine actors, this demi bra is an intimate coupling of Chantelle’s expert engineering and seductive fashion savvy.  An imaginative interpretation of the wings of a butterfly, the Icone demi bra (2225) is aptly constructed to fit sizes 32 -38, B –F cups. Embracing the breasts with a  gossamer beauty, this bra induces an  exquisite metamorphosis of the female body.  A provocative magic emerges.


“Everything You Can Imagine Is Real” . . . Pablo Picasso


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The Fitting Touch:  Birmingham, Alabama

Bra & Girl:  Great Barrington,Massachusetts

Claire De Lune:  Overland Park, Kansas

The Dain Shoppe:  Morristown, New Jersey

Bra Smyth:  New York City, New York

Embrasse-Moi:  Pittsford, New York

Sugar Cookies:  New York City, New York

Rebecka Vaughn: Nashville, Tennessee

La De Da Lingerie:  Webster, Texas

Petticoat Fair: Austin,Texas

Blythe Lingerie:  Richmond,Virginia

La Bijou:  Bellevue, Washington

Nancy Meyer Lingerie:  Seattle, Washington

La Lingerie LLC:  Madison, Wisconsin

Allure Intimate Apparel:  Maple Grove & St. Paul, Minnesota

Bra Bar:  Toronto, Ontatio, Canada

Tres Jolie:  Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Secrets From Your Sister:  Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Close to You:  Parksville, British Columbia, Canada

Night Owls Lingerie:  Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Crimson Lingerie:  Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Diva Lingerie:  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada



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  1. Ellen says:

    Bits of Lace in downtown Charleston, S.C. will have Icone next month!

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