Raise Awareness

by Jacalyn Bennett

This is all about living and working conscientiously in the world.

My inspiration to start a company was to create a safe and healthy space for people to work in and to show that one didn’t need to be harsh to employees or the environment to be successful in business.

When I started working in the Garment Industry over 30 years ago, I began actualizing my dream to create beautiful garments for women in a Socially and Environmentally responsible way.  I was at home working in Asia in the garment factories, guiding and teaching the cutters and stitchers how to actualize the beautiful designs I created for the American customer.  It was evident to me, through my many years of hard work, that I could create a successful company that had a foundation based on Gandhian principles an Buddhist tenets:  a company that people wanted to be a part of.


Jacalyn E.S. Bennett and Company was founded in 1989, with the core focus of honoring ecology, human rights, social consciousness and appropriate work ethics.  I realized and was committed to achieving success in the Lingerie and Textile Industry while keeping with our mission statement to “Respect and value our employees and supply chain partners by giving back to the communities in which we work.”

We design and manufacture garments while being socially and ecologically responsible.  We are also committed to sharing our knowledge with  our customers as to the value of this virtue.  They in return share knowledge with their teams and ultimate customer.  The consumer is then empowered with the knowledge to purchase products that better align with their own values.  The global impact of such conscientious consumerism can and will change the commercial sector, for the betterment of all.  This positive and responsible shift in customer and consumer values will have a triple bottom line win-win-win for the workers, our customers, and the final consumer.  Raising consumer awareness can only have positive results, and Bennett and Company will continue its role and be an active change agent for this critical global process.

3 Discussion to this post

  1. Ken Lewis says:

    I am biased of course; however, I agree, it is possible to do things the right way. When achieved, the rewards are many.

  2. Margi Nealon says:

    You have a wonderful work ethic and a philosophy that you and your company have lived by for many years. It is something we can all learn from. Kudos to you and your staff!

  3. Barry Taylor, ND says:

    Isn’t it refreshing to read about a woman who is passionate about fulfilling her destiny, creating service and jobs for people all over the world, is committed to being aware of the impact of her company on the environment, and brings a deep sense of respect by teaching females to love themselves through style and appreciating their beauty. In a world of masculine competitiveness, Jacalyn Bennett has got to be one of the world’s leading examples for everyone on how to follow your dream, work hard, empower people, and remember the values that are really important in life. If she wasn’t such a brilliant designer loved by women around the world for what she makes, she should just go around the corporate world so people would be entranced by the values that are the basis of her creating her very successful company. She not only sets trends in gorgeous lingerie, she is a powerful leader in setting new standards for how people could relate to each other in the service of making money. If you want a dynamic spokesperson for win win growth in your business world, listen to Ms Bennett’s heart and message. Whoever heard of Lingerie with Conscience ? Are you kidding ? She is the kind of creator and competitor you love to support.

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