A Sweet Solution ~ Cupcase

by  Jené Luciani

I am constantly on the go and wondering if you have any tips for packing your bra?  I heard that it is very bad to just squish them into your luggage with the rest of you clothing and since I wear padding, it does affect the shape.  Wanted to see if you had any suggestions?. . . Lauren

SUCH a great question!! With many people escaping to warmer locales during the winter months, it’s a great time for a reminder on how to properly store your bras for travel. Bras are so delicate, it is very easy to squish the cups and bend the underwire, stretch out the straps and ruin them permanently! Caring for your bras the right way will really help them last longer. Less “stress” on your lingerie also means less stress on your wallet, too.

To avoid squishing them (and possibly ruining them,) place softer items like socks inside the cups to help them retain their shape, and nestle them into their own spot in your suitcase (preferably on the side, where there aren’t items on top of them).   Or, you can pick up a case that’s specifically meant to keep your bras safe in your suitcase. I recently discovered theCupCase and took it on a trip to Turks n’ Caicos with me. It is amazing! My bras came out unscathed. I even tossed my bikinis in there too (the ones that have built-in cups) so they didn’t get squished as well. Plus, this product comes in bra sizes up to DD which means it’ll hold even larger busted bras (another issue with similar products in the past).

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  1. Wendy says:

    Don’t just think your Cupcase is for bras (it IS great for them!!)- I have used mine (I have the leopard print one) when I go out at night as a purse (had SO MANY COMPLIMENTS on it!) and I also use mine for a travel jewelry carrier (I have a hot pink one for my jewelry). It is the ultimate accessory- so stylish, so practical and so affordable!! I absolutely love mine!!

  2. Jo Anne says:

    I came upon the CupCases through a college friend (male, no less) and fell in love with them. I purchased several for Christmas gifts and just today, I purchased three more to take to friends when I go to visit them in Florida in a couple of weeks. They are so cool and such a unique, practical idea. I also love the colors and prints. Simply fun!

  3. Marsa says:

    It is the PERFECT girlfriend gift! Do you love giving gifts you know are fabulous because you use and love them yourself? I have to admit…ikeep a stash on hand as the perfect birthday or histess gift:) Since purchasin Cupcase ….I don’t leave home without it!

  4. Ali says:

    I LOVE my cup cases!!! I use them not only for my bras, but I also throw in my jewelry and hair things! I am on the go all the time, so I have a couple and they come in quite handy!!!

  5. Kim Lauber says:

    You have found the solution to your bra transporting problems. I am obsessed with my CupCase – thinking I need to buy another one too. I love it. Whether I’m going to the gym, on a cruise, or a family road trip – this item is going with me. I really don’t know how I got along without it. It is an amazing find and the perfect way for your bras to travel anywhere!

  6. Kim Williams says:

    it’s a plane, it’s a train, it’s an automobile. It’s luggage for your bra, jewelry and an evening purse
    All In One. It’s such a fun conversation piece and my new “go to” item for birthday gifts. Leaving for Mexico in two days- bringing CupCases for all the girls!!!

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