Defy Gravity ~ Support Exercise

by  Jené Luciani

As a fitness instructior, I do a lot of jumping. Is it possible that not wearing the right sports bra can make your boobs sag?                           Jolene Mathews

Ah, the sagging debate. Great question, Jolene. Everyone always wants to know what really causes sagging. In short, one word: Gravity! This entire issue is covered in depth in The Bra Book and I interviewed several doctors to get their professional opinions, and pulled together all the research that’s out there. Believe it or not, this subject has been researched! Researchers found that an un-supported breast moves up and down about 6 centimeters when we’re working out. Since breasts are made up of tissue and ligaments, you have to think that theoretically, this stretches the skin and speeds up the sagging process.

According to Las Vegas-based plastic surgeon Dr. Samir Pancholi, wearing the right sports bra is integral. “Bras play a huge role in preventing sagging.  The more support breasts have, the less the role gravity plays over time.” Of course, other factors are believed to play a role in whether a woman’s breasts sag or not, like genetics, extreme weight fluctuations, pregnancy and aging.


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