Light A Path ~ Valisère

by Ali Cudby

The Autumn/Winter 2012 Paris Salon International de la Lingerie was a mash up of color, sound – and 50 particularly innovative lights, courtesy of Valisère’s Corsage Magique.

The Corsage Magique is a corset that is made with lace and a backing fabric featuring a decorative motif – but the design is much more than decoration.  The fabric actually has 50 miniature LED lights that are the size of sequins built into the fabric, and the “seams” are the tiny wires running through the garment in an attractive swirling pattern.

The innovative textile design is called “e-broidery” and was created by well-known embroidery designer Forster Rohner AG of Switzerland.  The fabric was two years in the making, and what’s really remarkable about it transcends description – it’s the feel of the fabric in your hand that’s amazing.  Truly, you would never know there was technology running through the garment.  The wires and lights are no bulkier than seams – it feels like normal fabric.

When you’re ready for the magic to begin, the lights are turned on by a switch at the bottom of the garment and powered by a box smaller than an ipod, which can be easily stowed at the small of the back.

Once the corset is on, the sequins come to life and sparkle in a programmed pattern. Each light can be individually programmed, adding movement and yet another dimension of dazzle.  Since the lights are so small, the effect is delicate and artistic, rather than garish.  As can happen with lingerie, the photo doesn’t do the corset justice.

Currently the garment is not available for consumer purchase – it’s being produced for strategic uses, such as catwalks, trade shows and marketing/store displays.  No matter where it’s used, there’s no doubt that the Valisère Corsage Magique will spark people’s interest.


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