Big Things ~ Small Packages

by Jene’ Luciani

I am 32A and I love bras that make me look larger and sexier. What are the best brands that could resolve my problem?. . . Carla

There are plenty of great push-up bras for small-statured girls. The Little Bra Company is one of my favorites. I also love that on, you can search for bras BY size in a variety of brands…so if you look here, you will find some really pretty options that’ll surely give your bust a boost!



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  1. Gina says:

    To Camile again, I retract my statement! The Flatter Me Bras have in fact been released!

  2. camile says:

    I’am a 40 Bcup and I would like a Bra that will make me look full not sagging,what shoud I look for.

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