Underwater Art ~ Maaji

by  Rhea Cortado

There are prints that people are conditioned to seeing on bikinis and swimwear. Tropical flowers. Stripes. Geometric shapes. Whatever prints are trending in ready-to-wear, like the tribal fever going on now. When I first saw Maaji’s swimwear at Surf Expo in Florida, I was mad about the prints and style lines that were in another fairytale universe from everything else on the show floor. The designer from Columbia makes all the prints and then links the pattern pieces together like a delirious kaleidoscope quilt of sea creatures and beach accoutrements drawings. I wanted to take a photo. But I couldn’t decide which one. I had to have the bandeau with laser cut scalloping and pastel rainbows, but that top didn’t have the zebras or deer. And then the seashells with paisley and snorkel drawings were super cute and playful in that Hello Kitty, Betsey Johnson or Tarina Tarantino family of whimsy, but also totally unique in its point of view. Here’s where buying tops and bottoms separately comes in extra handy, so you can create your own print story depending on your sea creature personality. And the suits are also fully reversible, should you ever be in that one-print kind of mood. But with such fun pictures to show off, we don’t think you ever will be or you’d be buying that predicable striped bikini.

Wholesale contact info:  Kelly Ellingson

Available At:

San Lorenzo:  Waikiki, HI
Nic del Mar: Coral Gables, FL
Diane’ s Beachwear: Select locations, CA


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