Technology Comes To “Paris”~Janine Robin

by Ali Cudby


Consider the technical challenges of creating lingerie.  No matter how carefully a manufacturer designs a garment, as soon as any pattern is incorporated into the fabric there will be differences from size to size.  It’s simply impossible to make a pattern identical when the area covered by the bra elements change between sizes.

That has been the rule, until now.  Technology is changing the way fabrics are created, which means new and exciting avenues for lingerie.  One such technological innovation is found in Janine Robin’s Paris collection.

Paris utilizes proprietary 3-D technology to marry the molded attributes of a t-shirt bra with the aesthetic benefits of lace.  By using ink-jet printing, the illusion of lace is printed onto a variety of bras and coordinating bottoms.  A woman no longer has to decide between a smooth line in her clothes and a sexy, lacy look underneath them.

What’s additionally both interesting and game-changing about this ink jet technology is that every design can be printed to scale, whatever the size.  In other words, the image on the garment itself can be made larger or smaller for each size, so that the image is identical throughout the line.  This level of uniformity is something that bends the laws of physics for standard fabrics.  The printing process itself is designed to resist fading, so the collection stands up to the stresses of normal wear and tear.

Janine Robin’s Paris collection showcases classic lingerie and modern technology – an unexpected marriage that works beautifully.





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