Air Tech Fabric ~ Gemma Perfect Bra

by Ali Cudby

There’s a tug-of-war in the American bra market.  Women scream for smooth, smooth, smooth when it comes to the design of their bra cups.  But let’s face it – smooth can get boring.  Manufacturers look for new ways to bring aesthetic appeal into the contoured cup bra.  Some add embellishment to the band or straps and leave the cup pristine – Simone Perele’s Andora Molded Bra is one example.

Others add a little eye candy to the sides of the cups, where the lines won’t be as visible under t-shirts, a la Elomi’s Hermione.

The Gemma Perfect collection, takes an innovative approach to this same dilemma.  By using a revolutionary Air Tech fabric, Gemma incorporates the smooth look of a t-shirt bra, and the design appeal of attractive, opaque and transparent stripes.  But that’s just the beginning…the stripes are innovative as well as pretty.

In addition to its gorgeous form, Gemma’s 3D fabric offers innovative function.  The pre-formed spacer is unique because its center layer uses millions of polyester fibers that are woven together to create an air cushion that molds to the body.  This unique structure gives the fabric superior support.  The outer layers of the Gemma spacer material are mesh, which works with the stripes in the middle layer to allow moisture an escape route without being absorbed into the garment.  All three layers work in concert toward a garment that breathes.  Not only is the Gemma spacer material more hygienic but also great for travel, since the fabric dries quickly without losing its shape.

So enjoy the Spring weather and breathe in the sunshine – knowing that Gemma Perfect is breathing with you.


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