Delicious Color ~ L*Space

by Rhea Cortado

For a personal side project, I’ve been on a cooking bender. Every other day I am in a grocery store, a specialty food depot or one of the local farmer’s markets. Last week I bought a purple cauliflower purely because it was pretty. It tastes the same as a normal cauliflower and I don’t even particularly like cauliflower (if I had the choice of any vegetable to eat for my last supper, cauliflower would not be on the plate) but I was stunned by the ombre gradient hue that was like a purple sunset. The red side of the color wheel has been whispering to me lately—strawberries, beets and blood oranges—both for sweet flavors and photogenic vivid palette.

strawberries and blood-orange-beet salad

Monica Wise, designer of L*Space consistently has a spot on instinct for fresh colors in her swimwear, many of which reminded me of farmers market shades. Her Pinterest is a peek into her design room think tank, with pins of glassy blue ocean vacation destinations; and curry oranges and raspberry magentas seen in home décor textiles. Her genius is not the neon but the restraint; she drops the saturation of brightness in just the right amounts, making easy-to-wear and flattering bikini silhouettes suddenly new and eyebrow-raising.

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